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Welcome to my closet. It's a work in progress, so check back often. I look forward to getting to know people and getting your feedback.
– AmethystJean     10/20/08
Yes! This site is so great. I have so many new things. I'm going to start back uploading regularly.
Daphne   1/15/19  
Happy New Year to you too!!! <3
MamiSonga   1/6/19  
Thank you! I'm looking forward to seeing your new wardrobe!
Daphne   12/19/17  
My life has changed completely, so has my body and so has my wardrobe. So it's time to redo my closet! This shall be long undertaking so bear with me.
AmethystJean   8/30/15  
On vacation...soon to be back!
AmethystJean   9/9/12  
Hi there. I would love to see you do a cooking blog video. If you are camera shy just have the camera aimed at what you are cooking and not on you.
Candy   2/14/12  
And you have such terrific pieces to mix and blend to recreate awesome outfits.
Andrea W   2/4/12  
Great Spotlight. You always gibe me ideas and your Spotlight did just that. How do you like the Stacy London celebrity featre?
Melonee   1/18/12  
I like the pink tweed outfit. And the new top definitely updates it. It didn't look bad before, it just looks more up-to-date with the studded top. Great choice.
Cathy   1/17/12  
I saw you on Member Spotlight so I decided to check out your closet. Wow! I am impressed by your sense of style. Love the way you put outfits together.
Moniette   1/17/12  
By the way I see you are the Member Spotlight right now. Awesome! Congrats!
Daphne   1/17/12  
I like the updated tweed jacket outfit you blogged about. You could also try it one day with a hot pink or pastel pink tank top.
Daphne   1/17/12  
I get a few new things each season to mix in with my older items. Usually a sweater, blouse or new accessory. I try not to buy things too trendy so I can continue to wear throughout the years. I do love the remixing of the pink tweed jacket. It looks great!
elizadolittle12   1/17/12  
I agree that new accessories can make an outfit new again!
AmethystJean   1/17/12  
I also find that to make an outfit new again is to wear different accessories. Adding a hat or chunky necklace can also completely change the look of an outfit.
paulina   1/16/12  
Hi. I love your Member Spotlight. You are adorable! What I like to do when I go shopping is to buy a few pieces that will go with several outfits instead of buying a whole new ensemble. It's easier on the wallet that way too.
Andrea W   1/16/12  
I agree with you. I need to learn to pair different items together. And there is really no need to go shopping when you have a closet full of options.
Daphne   1/16/12  
I like that Cathy. I tend to get stuck in wearing an item in a particular outfit and forget to try it new ways and the only way I think up new outfits is when I get new clothes, but there is so much possibility waiting in my closet already.
AmethystJean   1/14/12  
I know what you mean about favorite outfits. You like it so you keep wearing it the same. But its good to mix up clothes to make it new.
Claudia   1/11/12  
I love your outfits. And that one you blogged about, I would like to wear. To keep my fashions up-to-date, I try to wear favorite pieces with different items all the time so it's never the same outfit twice.
Cathy   1/11/12  
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