Hey all. Please share your thoughts and comments with me and let me know whose closets I should be checking out. Thanks!
– RCH     10/6/07
Most of the bags that I find are found at either the Flea Market or Thrift stores. I just love digging for treasures and there is a huge outdoor Flea Market just minutes from my house.
Daphne   5/21/19  
Love the two little bears! So cute!!!!
Daphne   9/23/13  
I think that you are really cute!!
Melonee   8/14/13  
The girls are adorable and where did you dig up that baby-faced picture of Mel?
I remember those days!
Daphne   5/21/12  
Thanks for the comment on my member spotlight. I love your travel photos. I would go back to Paris and Firenze in a second!
AmethystJean   1/17/12  
That video of Mila dancing is hilarious! How cute are they!
Daphne   6/20/11  
Hey how is everyone. Ive been calling you guys. I was going to try and come vist this fall. This October. sometime betwwen the 8th and the 23. still waiteing on daddy tho. late me know if you wil be in town. Love Schella Call me
schella Rodgers   8/17/10  
Thanks. I like the look of motorcycles but I don't think I'll be riding on them any time soon.
Andrea W   7/14/10  
Traveling a bit but have still had a great time checking in and viewing styles.
RCH   7/5/10  
Thank you. I love thrift shopping. It means you can still shop in this economy!
Daphne   6/7/09  
oh i dont think i have yet! i should try that out! THANK YOU!:D
CharRayStone   6/7/09  
All you need now for that zoot suit is a pimp hat! LOL!
Daphne   5/6/09  
You have a beautiful family. I see that you like shoes. I'm a shoe fanatic too! I don't own too many shoes, but I sure do love to design them. Stop by and take a looksy at my designer keds shoes. Unfortunately I don't have any for guys, but Im sure the girls in your family will like them. Tell me what you think. I love it here too. I had no idea a site like this was going to surf my way, hee hee. It's a great opportunity for me to show off my addictions and to have fun placing dream orders. My wish list is getting big and I only found this place a couple of days ago.
redaddiction   5/6/09  
Russell, the costume look book is great. You really know how to have fun!
EDDYE   1/26/09  
Hi Russell. I love the new photos. You look very chic and handsome!
Daphne   1/21/09  
Hi, Thanks. I Love the photo of the little reindeer in front of the enormous carved doors in Italy. The scale is amazing...
Holly   10/4/08  
Looks like your closet is really coming together!
thor   9/16/08  
Your kids are adorable!
Claudia   8/14/08  
thanks! I'm new to this but I already love it!
tcooke   8/3/08