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Welcome to my closet! Criticism is encouraged, but @$$holes will be shot.
– LastCaress     4/20/09
Hi there. Where have you been? I've been missing your fab outfits.
Daphne   5/27/11  
Hi there. I can't wait to see your new outfits too. Your kitty and dog are adorable.
Claudia   3/3/10  
Happy New Year. I can't wait to see the fabulous outfits you create this year.
Daphne   1/4/10  
Hope you had a very Merry Christmas!!! I spent my time visiting my lil sister in Florida, but I'm back now & can't wait to see your awesome outfits again!!!
homeschoolmama   1/2/10  
Thank you for the great year of inspiration and fun outfits! Happy New Year to you and I hope that you have had a great Christmas. I have been traveling also so I am checking in when I can. Take pictures and show us all! happiness to you and your family.
Melonee   12/30/09  
Merry Christmas. Can't wait to see what you're wearing.
AmethystJean   12/26/09  
Thank you for your Holiday wishes. I look forward to sharing outfits and ideas in the coming new year. Have a safe and Merry!
Daphne   12/25/09  
Thank you for the kind words. I am waiting for more outfit inspirations from you. I just got inspired by the "Lady Gaga" feature in Views and Clues-funny I think? But you could probably pull it off:-)
Melonee   11/18/09  
Thank you. Yes, the kids and some of the models are family. The others are friends who happen to be models. I'm so lucky!
Daphne   11/13/09  
Keep them coming. YOu make this even more fun and you give me tons of ideas.
Melonee   10/31/09  
I'm looking forward to seeing your fall outfits. I can enjoy them vicariously through you. We only have one season here and it's summer! Keep those great outfits coming!
Daphne   10/26/09  
Been out a while. I will try to remember to log on here more often and check things out!
ReelMan   10/13/09  
How have you been? I need new advice on a few accessories. Like the scarf necklace:-)
Melonee   10/5/09  
Thank you. This is the one half decent photo I took of myself. And yes, I'm already on my second pair of skinny jeans-I need to upload a photo soon.
Daphne   10/3/09  
Daphne, I'm glad you had a good trip. The photos are awesome!
LastCaress   10/2/09  
Hi there. I had a wonderful time in Chicago. Photos soon to come. I took so many I need to sort through them and resize so they are easier to upload. I'll let you know when to check them out!
Daphne   9/4/09  
Thanks, HSM. :) I've had them for a while, and I'm just starting to pull them out of storage.

And I'm glad that you're all liking the scarf-lace. I'll see if I can find some more creative ways to create custom jewelry.
LastCaress   8/21/09  
Ohh! I'm loving the new maxi skirts! With your nice long legs they're gonna be awesome!
homeschoolmama   8/20/09  
Hello, anymore tips on accessories? I just got a great scarf necklace on sale! Thank you
Claudia   8/15/09  
Thanks! I will definatly post picts when I get my new items for work. Im just soooo happy I have a job now! *dose happy dance*
TigeressKitten   8/11/09  
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