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"MY CLOSET" Always in progress.....
– Sanjeeda     8/11/08
Кто что думает о РіСѓРіР» адвордс? Может быть, отменная информация
ManuelHelf   8/20/19  
Congratulations on your opening. Did you post your information on your contact for future purchases? I will check out the store.
Claudia   11/7/13  
Congratulations on your boutique. I live in Georgia now so I can't be there. But when I visit I will try to stop by. Congrats!
Daphne   11/6/13  
Wow. Are you going to teach sewing too! I would love to take sewing lessons!
Daphne   9/4/12  
What fun dresses you designed! So colorful and lively.
elizadolittle12   9/8/11  
Oh my. That little lace dress is to die for!
Cathy   9/3/11  
Love that little sexy black dress!
Andrea   9/3/11  
Hi Sanjeeda. I see you have been busy. I love the new pieces, especially the little sexy dresses! Wow!
Daphne   9/3/11  
Hi I'm new here and I just wanted to tell you how much I like your designs. They are fabulous and your fashion shows look so well done.
Candy   2/8/10  
I love the short dresses you designed. Looks like it was a recent fashion show.
Moniette   5/15/09  
The wedding was just lovely! I couldn't stop crying. It was like my baby was getting married!
Daphne   4/9/09  
I absolutely adore you style. I will move forward in some way. I am traveling at the moment but when I settle, I will be contacting you again. Keep the great looks coming! Fab style!
Melonee   4/7/09  
Sanjeeda, that is a great idea to put the upcoming events in your blog. I hope to make it to some future event.
Daphne   4/5/09  
Hello Sanjeeda, I am 5'11" and I really like the evening gown that you have only in small. I believe that it would be too short for me. Do you still have the medium available in the other style? If so, do you think that it will be long enough for me? Love your style!
Melonee   3/23/09  
Hi Sanjeeda, I'm looking forward to seeing some of your samples on Sunday.
Daphne   3/19/09  
Hello Sanjeeda, are you selling any of your fashions at the sample sale? IF so, can you place a few looks into my My Outfit or yours (My Outfits or in a look book). I would love to see what you are selling if you are selling anything-especially one of a kind items. Thank you in advance.
Melonee   3/13/09  
Thanks for the info on Kira Plastinina -- I had missed that piece of news!
Holly   3/12/09  
Hey girl! Long time no see. Im loving your things. I taught u everything u know.Just Kidding! Smooochez!!!
asolomon10   12/9/08  
Your designs are amazing!
elizadolittle12   10/17/08  
Sanji!!!!! i miss you!!! i hope everything is going wonderful for you!! I just received my gift! Thank you so can count on me anytime...
gotfashion?   9/18/08  
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