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Hi all, enjoy My World and closet. It is a work in progress!!
– Melonee     10/15/07
Your family is so adorable! Those girsl are just precious!
Moniette   6/29/08  
check out my red dress on my photos,,,,,
Claudia   6/27/08  
I design most of my own jewlery with gold and precious stones, hopefully by next year I'll have my jewlery line out.
By the way you have some amazing pictures.
I would love to visit Italy myself.
i4trends   4/27/08  
Thanks sweetie, my favorite vacation spot is Amesterdam. I like Paris for fashion.
i4trends   4/27/08  
Lilly   4/6/08  
Those babies are little globe trotters! You all have so much fun on your travels.
Daphne   3/31/08  
Thank you. I'm still trying to get there.
Moniette   3/5/08  
OMG!!thanx for the outfit hun..i soo love it!!
Gemma   2/16/08  
Melonee, I created an outfit for your inner rocker. It's in my closet, just in case I had to borrow it in a pinch (especially the Chanel glasses)...:) - C
christinec   2/12/08  
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