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Hi all, enjoy My World and closet. It is a work in progress!!
– Melonee     10/15/07
That prom photo is so beautiful! I canít believe how grown up they both look.
Daphne   9/24/22  
OMG! Mel I was just looking at all of your photos! I cannot believe how fast the girls are growing up. To see 9 year old Mel and little Mila!
Daphne   12/6/20  
I can't believe you are still here! My current wardrobe is nothing like what is uploaded here and I have started using shoplook but I thought I would say hey
AmethystJean   5/5/20  
Happy Easter Melonee! Stay safe!
homeschoolmama   4/12/20  
Hey Mel when are you going to post some recent photos of the girls. I love seeing al of your family travel photos.
Daphne   1/17/19  
Hey, I'm trying to resurrect my closet. So hi if you are around
AmethystJean   1/4/19  
I still have that same picture of Melania. Wow! Time flies!
Daphne   12/19/17  
Congratulations on the girls' winning gold again! So proud of them!
Daphne   6/3/16  
Hi Melonee, I've not been on much lately either. My life has become one long trip to doctors. I sure how you're doing well!
homeschoolmama   3/20/16  
Wow! Where did you find that photo of you and Tove? That's great!
Daphne   3/3/16  
The girls are so beautiful. I wished I had known you guys would be Alabama. You all look so good.
acarroll747   3/1/16  
The girls are doing well and are presently in 6th and 4th time flies.
Melonee   9/20/15  
Congratulations! I knew they were going to win at the Nationals!!! And I know Melania was robbed!!!! But she will always be a winner no matter what!!!! Love you!
Daphne   7/13/15  
Congratulations to the girls and good luck with Nationals! When are you guys going to Texas?
Daphne   4/28/15  
Yes. I have seen Maggie Dandridge's closet. She has some really nice designs.
Daphne   3/11/15  
Wow. The girls are growing up so fast!
Daphne   3/10/15  
Happy Birthday!!!
Daphne   2/16/15  
Hi, Melonee! I'm doing alright... just working on scaling back the details of our vow renewal. My husband lost his job of 16 years three months ago, and my mom passed away last month. We considered canceling, but decided - hey, we said "For better OR worse" so it's time to live it, and go through with things even if times are indeed "worse". I JUST found an absolutely perfectly cut brown tee to go under my shrug, so I think I'm almost set with my outfit! DH & the kids have their outfits up in their closets as well - as much as we've pulled together so far.
homeschoolmama   9/28/14  
Mel, I am in love with that Sarli dress in your closet! Why haven't you worn it yet? It is fabulous!!!!
Daphne   8/3/14  
Mel, I am in love with that Sarli dress in your closet! Why haven't you worn it yet? It is fabulous!!!!
Daphne   8/3/14  
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