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Hi Homeschoolmama. You have me researching capsule wardrobes. What happened to your clothing? I would love to see what your capsule wardrobe consists of.
Daphne   1/14/21  
Hope that all is well. Happy New Year
RCH   1/14/21  
I love the photograph! The world needs more people like you and your family!! Again, stay safe, and keep the positivity flowing.
Melonee   4/30/20  
Love the pants and daisy dress!!!!Great looks.
Melonee   5/31/18  
I know this is late, but thank you so much. I've been really busy and then I fell ill. But much better now and focusing on wedding planning.
Daphne   12/6/16  
Hello there,
I have been missing for a while but I like the spring yellow top!!! How are things with you?
Melonee   3/1/16  
Thank you. I got that t-shirt from Wal-Mart for less than five bucks. They also had them of course in red and blue. I may go get another one.
Daphne   7/3/14  
Nice new barrettes. Where do you find them?
Moniette   1/24/14  
That magnifier pendant is great! One of my favorite bracelets came from my grandmother too.
Daphne   9/4/13  
Thank you. I got the cage ring from Ebay for about 9 bucks. And the concert was great! I will post pictures soon.
Daphne   7/10/12  
How beautiful you set everything for your princess party.
paulina   5/18/11  
I saw the pictures on your blog of the setting for the princess party. How lovely! What a special day for you and your daughter to share!
Daphne   5/18/11  
That does sound like fun. I have boys so I can't do those things!
Claudia   5/17/11  
That princess party sounds like fun. Did you take any photos?
Daphne   5/17/11  
Happy New Year! How's the chilly midwest? It's been rather cool down south so looking to you and others for outfit ideas.
Daphne   1/6/11  
Hi there, just looking through different closets and yours caught my eye. I love that beige shrug of yours. Have you made any outfits with it?
Andrea W   11/9/10  
Thanks for the help! I am totally leaning torwards the beige. I agree, it will be easier to match outfits with beige than gray.
elizadolittle12   6/23/10  
I'm going to try to make an outfit for you. I don't do it very often, but it looks like fun.
Moniette   4/8/10  
Thanks. Now I had computer issues so I'm borrowing my aunt Daphne's when I can. But yes, I had a wonderful Christmas and I got my shoes!
Lexy   3/2/10  
Thanks. You just reminded me that I do have a couple of scarves that I need to put in my closet. But I do have hats that I forgot I had.: )
Daphne   1/7/10  
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