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Frequently Asked Questions

What is is an innovative community-driven, fashion-based website.  Among the specialized features, features community members with their closets and collections, showcases up and coming fashion designers with their collections, introduces unique stores to the public, provides a variety of fashion advice, news and opinions from world-renowned fashionistas and also features revolutionary social interaction components. Read more

Is free?

Yes, absolutely!  Creating your own closet and using all of the features of the Web site are free and easy.

How do I sign up to be a new user?

To sign up simply click here.

I am a designer and I would like to be profiled on the Web site.
How do I contact to be considered? is always looking for talented up-and-coming designers to profile and showcase. If you would like you and your line to be considered, please send your press kit and/or several jpeg or PDF sample looks to Due to the large number of emails we receive, we will only reply if we are interested in doing a possible piece.

I own a store/boutique.  How do I contact if I would like to have my store/boutique featured on the Web site?

You should contact at and include your press kit and/or several jpeg or PDF images of your store/boutique and/or yourself for our consideration.

Who would I contact if I would like to be profiled on

Community members can be profiled in a Member Spotlight feature or Collector’s feature.
Please contact at and include several jpeg or PDF images along with a short write-up about yourself.

If I would like for my city, state or country to be featured on

Send a request to and include images of fashions from your location and include your contact information and photographs of yourself. enjoys collaborating with community members for features.

How do I contact if I have a problem with the current features on the Web site?

You would contact and send a detailed description of your problem or concern.

If I have requests, suggestions, ideas or comments, how do I contact  Do I address my request, suggestion, idea or comments to anyone particular?

Do to the level of traffic on the Web site, these requests are screened before they are reviewed by a representatives.  Please submit only serious requests and well thought-out ideas.  You may send these request or ideas to  And reference in the subject line: request, suggestion, idea or comment.

Are there any purchase opportunities on  

Yes, you may buy items on  All of the items that are showcased in the M.C. Storefronts are purchasable. In addition, the M.C. Warehouse includes purchase opportunities within select stores, boutiques and designers’ closets.

How do I ask questions or post comments about features, fashions, items or outfits that I have seen showcased on

There are several message boards throughout the Web site that promote interaction between community members:

  • Community Members -  Each individual community member, designer and store  has a personal message board on their My Closet page
  • Closet Chatter - Members can chat and invite other users to view, comment, or revise outfits that they create
  • City Chatter - Members can chat about different cities, states and countries
  • Views and Clues – a chat board and platform that showcases new and fashionable products, unique style, designer collections, stores, and the podium for community member related contest
  • Spotlight Chatter - Post messages to or about members that have been featured
  • Collector's Chatter- Message board for comments about the collector and the collections featured

I am a journalist and I am interested in writing about  Who do I contact for further information?

Please see the "Media" information on our contact page.

Does host or sponsor Fashion shows? has sponsored certain fashion events. If you have a particular event in mind, please submit a sponsorship package to And we will be happy to consider it.

Can I contribute content to be featured on

Yes, photographs, commentary and suggested articles are welcomed in Global Fashions and View's and Clues.  Guidelines for suggested content will be provided by a editor.  Contact us at

I really like the Web site.  How do I let others know about

Please feel free to post or add a link on message boards and chat rooms of other Web sites. 

Does have an age limit?

Yes, our service is available to persons age 14 and older.  Please check out our terms of use for more information. 

Does restrict the number of photographs that can be uploaded at one time throughout my personal My Closet pages?

Yes, that number is currently 10 images that have a maximum total of 8 MB’s per load.  Of course community members can upload as many photographs as they would like though multiple uploads.

How do I upload photos from other Web sites to my closet?

To upload photographs from other Web sites, presently you would first have to save the image to your drive. Once the image is saved to your drive, you should be able to upload the image.

Can people who are not members of see community members' personal closet pages?

Yes, non-members are able to view only the homepage of community members' personal closet page. Only current members can peruse through community members' wardrobes and My World photos, create outfits, post messages and email pages. Non-members are welcome to view all articles, check out the Fashionpedia, glossary of terms and take a one time peek at the M.C. Storefronts and The M.C. Warehouse. To explore all the innovative features and enjoy the site fully, one must become a member. And membership is free!

I really like the Outfit Builder and your diverse articles. Is it possible to email an outfit or an article to other people that are not members of

You may email outfits that you have created in the Outfit Builder to anyone that you choose. You may also email articles and feature stories to your friends. The ‘email to a friend’ button is generally in the upper right on feature stories and in the Outfit Builder the button is located at the bottom of the ‘share this outfit’ page.

I do not want any spam.  Do you share users’ email addresses with anyone else?

No.  We do not share email addresses with anyone else. The only email that you will receive from will come directly from us.

How do I change my password?

To change your password, log in to the site and then visit the My Profile page. You will be required to enter your old password for verification. If you have forgotten your password, please click here to retrieve it.

How do I change my email address?

To change your email address, log in to the site using your account email address and then visit the My Profile page.

How do I get added to the Fashionpedia?

You can either contact us with your submittal at and reference ‘Fashionpedia’ in the subject line, or you or your representative may request information on how to become featured on Designer’s Doorway or featured in the popular Emerging Designer Closets. All designers featured on the Web site are profiled in the Fashionpedia.

Does have a place that I can get fashion tips and advice?

Yes we do!  Go straight to Ask! and submit a question to be answered.  We have a panel of fashionistas that take pride in answering selected questions. 

How do I go back to see previous featured stories?

Just go to "Top Stories" located on the left side of the top navigation bar. Roll over Top Stories and follow the drop down menu and select "Archive". Then you will see all the categories of features and the most recent features will be displayed. To find the rest of the features in that category, click on the link below the latest feature. Or if you have a particular feature you would like to see, you could go to the current feature and click on the archives link and you will be directed to the archives of that particular type of feature.

Do you still have questions?

If you still have a question that has not been answered, you can contact our team at



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