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The UltraLounges


The UltraLounges

Manhattan , N.Y.


Firecracker red, fire engine red. Red, red, red! Try it, you might like it. We show you how...

The UltraLounges: RED HOT!

Your look can become instantly HOT by adding a touch of red or by going all out RED! Red 'looks' dazzle in all occasions: the intimate dinner, playtime with your friendly social crew, an after work cocktail or nightclubbing until the wee hours. Red will work wonders! If you like to stand out in a crowd, do so boldly, and go for gusto! Vibrant Red alone will be a conversation piece. Invest in a chic red bustier or classic red shirt, dress, pant, skirt, vest or jacket. Also, red belts, scarves, ties or bags are great accessories, even red hair will do the trick-you will instantly add that 'wow' factor to your look. We have several examples above to peak your creative flow. Ladies might want to drape a red shawl around your shoulders for a blast of interest or slightly pull down a soft fabric shirt to reveal a bit of shoulder. The fellows might want to place a red pocket square into a blazer pocket or showcase a cashmere red cardigan for that stately but daring look. Men and women alike be sure to look close and take notes and remember there are absolutely no rules when it comes to looking red hot! Just Do It!

Magnifique colors are found in bulk when searching the M.C. Storefronts. And we have selected top styles from various designers, stores and brands in ‘red’ for you to view. Have fun cycling through the choices and make a few outfits to determine what ‘red’ looks are best for your personality. Your personal 'Wish List' is the perfect tool to send around to family and friends to show off what you actually want to receive as a holiday gift! Remember to fill out your 'My Detail' section of your closet to receive the perfect size. Now go forth and click around to view all of the newest creations and virtual closets. If you have not heard, this is the place to upload your wardrobe and have fun while doing it! Stay in style and around style with



Prints & Plaids

Prints & Plaids Are In

Pants, skirts, dresses and accessories are just some of the many wardrobe pieces you can find in a print or plaid.

Each new season we see updated versions of plaids and prints, along with old classics like argyle, camouflage, floral and of course the infamous Burberry plaid. The differing patterns set everyone apart and really let a fashionista's personality show through. And MyCloset believes you are what you wear!

Even after being around for centuries, plaid is yet again a fall trend. Don’t have enough plaid in your closet? Want a couple more printed blouses? You better check out the MyCloset StoreFronts or MyCloset SaleFronts before all the newest styles sell out!



The Maxi is Back!

Among the styles that were once old and now new again, the maxi-dress has been revived.

For maximum comfort and style, the maxi-dress cannot be beat. Loose fitting and flowy, they provide effortless style with endless possibilities. They can be dressed up or down, halter style, sleeveless, three quarter or long sleeves. Wear them with flip-flops or sexy sandals for a cool look or add a cardigan or jacket and boots for fall flair. This versatile dress will never go out of style. We hope that it keeps re-emerging for decades to come. Remember to check out's M.C. Storefronts for the latest styles in maxi-dresses and skirts to add to your wardrobe!
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