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Location where all of the past features and articles of reside.


A personal web log or diary of anything you choose to write about.

Celebrity Closets

One category of Premiere Closets; Provides insight into celebrities' personalities, lifestyles and their fashions.

City Chatter 

Message board for discussing featured city, state or country.

Closet Explorer

Houses all of the navigation and search tools to find and connect with community members and their closets.

Closet Chatter

A message board where users can communicate with each other.

Closet Clique

All users designated by the user to have permission to access all sections marked private.

Closet Settings

An area where community members can set privacy settings and customize their My Closet section with such things as background color and a photograph that represents themselves.

Closet Voyeur

Community members can take random peeks into other community member’s closets by clicking on displayed photographs (only images designated for public viewing are shown).

Collector, The

These closets showcase rare, unique and interesting items collected by our community members.

Collector’s Chatter

Message board for communicating with or about featured community members showcased in The Collector Closet. 

Design Style designated style categories.    

Designer's Doorway

One category of Premiere Closets; Features established fashion designers.

Editor’s Pick

Community member featured that have been chosen by the team.

Emerging Designers' Closet

Highlights up and coming designers and their collection.

Fashion expert / Fashionista

An established fashion professional.

Fashionista Views and Clues

Advice and editorials, focusing on new products, fashions, organizing, collecting and lifestyles, from fashion gurus and world renowned fashionistas.


Directory of designer profiles.

Global Fashions

One category of Premiere Closets; Highlights unique clothing, fashions and closets of the world.


Keywords are terms that will help users find an item of clothing that they are searching for. In addtition to the pre-set options for color, material, pattern and occasion, this allows you to enter specific words that are unique to this item.
Examples: Florida, Dolphins, tank top, cut-offs, capri, bustier, diamonds, bracelet, bow tie, golf shoes, Winnie the Pooh PJs, flirty, muscle shirt, low-cut, high heel, quilted, Swarovski®, crystals


Symbol that designates features that have message boards.

M.C. SaleFronts

An exclusive feature where all items that are presented are on sale, can be purchased at a discount or with a discount coupont. These sales feature designers, stores and various brands from partner stores and boutiques.

M.C. Storefronts

A searchable catalog of items from affiliate/partner stores and boutiques that are purchasable and can also be used for outfit building or placed into a Wish List. 

M.C. Warehouse

A searchable photographic catalog of community members' public items. Also includes exclusive collections of Designers and inventories of Stores that are members. Items may also be used for building outfits and for placing into Wish List. 

Member Directory

All of the community members of can be found here. Search for community member alphabetically, by Style Category, by user’s name, location and more.

Member Spotlight Closets

Features community members and their closets.

Message Log

A history of your most recent activities recorded in any of the message boxes.

Mini Profile

Highlights snippets from community members’ profile.

My Closet (Your personal closet)

Your personal closet, which contains your username, is your showcase area. It is a place where you can organize and showcase your wardrobe, family and worldly possessions. It is also an area where you can be creative with your wardrobe and other community members' wardrobes by building outfits and using's innovative tools.

My Desires

The My World section where a community member can upload items for display that they one day hope to obtain. These are items other than fashion and fashion accessory items.

My Details

Personal sizes and preferences of closet owners that will assist others in purchasing gifts for community members.

My Favorites

An area where community members can share their most liked photographs from any category of their designation.

My Look Books

A sub-category of My Closet where photographs of a users’ personal wardrobe, fashion items, fashion related categories and accessories are shown. There may be multiple personalized Look Books in this sub-category. For example, many members choose to place their wardrobe into Look Books based on when they would wear the item, i.e., Work, Day, Cocktail, Evening, etc. Other members sort their wardrobes into Look Books by season, size, location (if they own multiple homes), etc.

My Outfit

Area of the My Closet section where community members can combine clothing items from their closets and other sections of the Web site to create new and interesting virtual ‘outfits.’ This an interactive feature.

My Photos

An area where community members can display and categorize all of their photographs.

My Style

The area where the community members’ profile is displayed; contains community member’s personal information, style categories and interests.

My Videos

A categorized section of video albums which includes a WELCOME VIDEO from a community member.

My World

Area of the My Closet space where community members can showcase their personal interests, including photographs of themselves, family, friends, hobbies, collections, pets, homes, and more.

My Wardrobe

A personal catalog of all of a community member's clothing items sorted by type, i.e., shirts, skirts, pants, etc.

My Profile

Highlights community members’ personal information and interests.

Outfit Builder

See: My Outfit.

Outfit Folio

A tool for organizing similar outfits into customized catalogs.

Premiere Closets

Written features and photographs on the closets of celebrities, key industry tastemakers or established designers, along with store profiles and global fashions.

Privacy Settings

A community member has a choice to deem an item in their wardrobe or a photograph in their My World Section viewable only by themselves or their clique. The default choice is:  anyone can view.


These items can be seen by all users.

Spotlight Chatter

Message board for communicating with or about featured community members showcased in Member Spotlight

Store Focus

One category of Premiere Closets; Showcases distinctive stores and boutiques from various locations around the world.

Top Stories

Place to navigate through all of the features and articles

Views and Clues

Message board within the Fashionista Views and Clues area to discuss products, fashions, organizing, collecting and lifestyles.

Welcome Video

A video posted by a community member that welcomes the community to their closet.

Who’s Hot

Interesting community members of the moment.

Wish List

The Wish List contains items that a community member aspires to own.  The items housed in the Wish List are not automatically included in the member's Wardrobe.  Items placed in the Wish List can be moved into the Wardrobe area (usually after the purchase or gifting of the selected item).  


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I've updated My Closet. Check it out!
I've updated My Closet. Check it out!

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