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Recession-proof Shopping!

Forget about those high-priced department stores. Daphne knows how to find some fab fashions at a bargain. You won't believe some of price tags! Let's take a look in her closet.

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'Fall' Into Fashion

Style maker SANJEEDA gives her fashion spotlights for Fall 2008. Get ready for some serious note taking....

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Crazy4shuz: Her Name Says It All

This fashionista has a closet to die for! Saying she has style is an understatement. Let's take a look inside a fabulous closet.

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2/19/21 Daphne Recession-proof Shopping! view start page
2/17/21 Sanjeeda 'Fall' Into Fashion view start page
2/15/21 crazy4shuz Crazy4shuz: Her Name Says It All view start page
2/13/21 IHeartShoes23 Member Love view start page
2/11/21 Drew Harmony, Versatility and Style view start page
2/9/21 Ayesia From Baby Phat to Rockawear This Diva Rocks It All view start page
2/7/21 Alexandra Girls Just Want Fun Fashion view start page
2/4/21 Maria Lauderhill Beauty Finds Fun Fashion view start page
2/2/21 Sterling Sneakers and Ralph Lauren are Favorites view start page
1/31/21 alex Fun meets Fashion In South Florida view start page
1/29/21 lightenup72 view start page
1/27/21 Elliot South African Transplant Has Great Taste view start page
1/25/21 Chantel Model Smile With Great Style view start page
1/23/21 Anne Walls A Vintage Shoppers Collection view start page
1/21/21 AmethystJean A Fashion All Star! view start page
1/13/21 paulina Unique Style, Unique Person view start page
1/11/21 Miss Vicki Fashionista in Training view start page
1/9/21 sloza001 A Love Affair with Great Design view start page
1/7/21 Mike Future M.D. Has the Prescription for Designer Fashion view start page
1/5/21 Melonee Diva Style view start page
1/3/21 Stephania Stephania From Sunrise Sizzles With Style view start page
1/1/21 Artemis4 Artemis4 & Her Marathon of Fashion view start page
12/30/20 alex This Girl Likes to Have Fun view start page
12/28/20 Nicole New York Transplant Brings Style with a Smile view start page
12/22/20 Fred Fashion Hits Home view start page
11/12/20 elizadolittle12 Elizadolittle12 view start page
11/8/20 Caroline Caroline is a Traveling Web Entrepreneur & Bargain Hunter view start page
11/6/20 Candy Candy has the Goods view start page
10/19/20 Meghan Future Designer Inspired By The Best view start page
10/15/20 charlotteannette Members We Love view start page
9/14/20 Kelly Kel Music and Fashion Go Hand in Hand view start page
9/10/20 Krystal Ariel Singer With A Message view start page
9/6/20 homeschoolmama Homeschoolmama view start page
9/4/20 Clayton TwinFolk view start page
9/2/20 Andrea W Andrea has a Passion for Fashion view start page
8/23/20 Kelly Kel view start page
8/13/20 Jessica Feelin' Hot, Hot, Hot view start page
8/7/20 Daphne Members We Love view start page
7/30/20 Brianna Superstar in the Making view start page
7/28/20 Claudia Argentine Style, With a Touch of the Eclectic view start page
7/10/20 lauraliz1986 Lauraliz the Jetsetter Loves Shoes view start page
6/30/20 Alexandra This Closet is Fun view start page
5/28/20 Krystal Ariel Shoe Lover With Great Style view start page
5/22/20 Clayton Future CEO in the Making view start page
5/12/20 Moniette Singer, Songwriter, Fashion Diva view start page
5/10/20 Jay R Clothing Designer on His Way to the Top view start page
5/4/20 Cathy Shoe Love view start page
3/18/20 Andrea A Weston Beauty That Loves Fashion view start page
2/27/20 Rebecca Klein Rebecca Has Style for Miles view start page
1/27/20 melodymacd Move over Carrie view start page
1/25/20 Craig Craig from Seattle view start page
11/22/19 Daphne Member Love view start page
9/24/19 Monique Colorful, Casual, Vixen view start page
7/9/19 lilgeisha Member Love view start page
12/12/18 Toddra The Look For Less view start page
8/8/18 Drew Drew Hinds, Musician Turned Author view start page
5/21/16 Ludmilla The Fascinating Shoe Freak view start page
9/25/15 Adrian Music and Fashion in the Mix view start page
8/17/13 Remir Sports Influencing Fashion view start page
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