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Clayton and Sterling, also known as the rap sensation, TwinFolk, aka Cashus Clay and Bugsy A. Maculate, began pursuing music as sophomores at Florida State University. After experiencing their first couple of years in college and getting a feel of what college life had to offer, they decided on another path instead. They like to call it, the road less traveled. Many of their friends and family may haved disagreed with their decision, citing that there are too many people out there trying to make it in the music industry. Twin Folk represents more than just the common Southern rapper. They represent change.
Hanging out at Plantation High. 
Laying down some tracks in the studio wearing my favorite color. 
Clayton on the mike. 
Rapping to the beat of urban music. 
Some of their musical influences include: Tupac Shakur, Biggie Smalls, Outkast, Nas, Jay-Z, and Bone Thugs and Harmony, Common and many more. Born to Caribbean heritage, reggae music has always played an important role in their lives since childhood. Legends such as Bob Marley, Sizzla, Berres Hammond, Capelton, Ja Cure, and Gyptian have aided in influencing their music as well.

TwinFolk's music is a direct reflection of Clayton and Sterling's daily lives. All the trials, tribulations, the joys and the pains. Their life experiences serve as their muse to add the emotions and feelings that they put into their music. They use music as an outlet to the stresses and struggles of life of the common people. "Throughout our music you will find subliminal, clever, and witty attacks aimed at the government and policital issues. Topics ranging from the tragic events that took place after Hurricane Katrina to the young college student that was tazed in Gainesville, Florida. We like to call our music, Motivation Music!"
Just hanging out. 
It's all about comfort in the studio. 
Clayton raps in a colorful Tee. 
Working on artwork for the CD cover. 
The professional beginning of TwinFolk was marked by the release of their debut mixtape called "40 Days and 40 Nights." With heavy rotation on the streets of Tallahassee, TwinFolk began to perform and there began a buzz around town about the hip new duo. After the success of the mixtape, TwinFolk's reputation had been solified and they decided to pack it up and head back home to Fort Lauderdale where they wished to create an even bigger buzz than they had in Tallahassee. With the pressure of creating a another masterpiece on their shoulders, the dynamic duo as they were once called, rose to the occasion and delivered the powerful first album, "Welcome to the Fort." The release of this new album signified the birth of TRE South Entertainment. The young entreprenuers decided that rather than sign with a major label, they would keep total control over their futures. With a new record label and a new album, Growth & Development, they were ready to flood the streets of Fort Lauderdale. TwinFolk is now currently performing all over South Florida in some of the hottest venues in town, such as The Talent Farm, Hot Shots, SoBe Live, as well as college campuses including Florida State and University of Florida. They are also working on the release of their next album.


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