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This Girl Likes to Have Fun has some really great members. We like to highlight closets that we find fun and interesting. Alex has one of those closets. She is one of our most fun-loving members and her photos showcase how this young lady really enjoys herself. Our Fashionistas have chosen to showcase a little member love and introduce you to this special closet.
Alex enjoys the night on the town with her beau. 
She loves to dress up with her dance crew. 
Another fun dress up look. 
Alex loves hot pink as you can see by this cap. 
First of all, Alex is a professional dancer. She has a flair for fashion and she is one of the lucky ones... she gets the opportunity to dress up in an array of fun costumes and exciting outfits. And of course, she also has a fabulous social life. Check out the fun photos she has going deep on the dance floor!

While perusing through her closet, we found amazing photos of her in various costumes and thought we would show you some of favorite looks. We have to admit, we have seen few closets that are as lively as this one.
Comfortably casual during rehearsal. 
She has tons of great accessories too. 
Here she is looking sultry and sexy in a black halter. 
More fun moments out on the dance floor! 
Alex also has a great wardrobe full of casual, sexy, cool clothes than anyone would envy. She also has great taste in accessories. We love her fantastical collection of chandelier earrings. This closet is one that you have to see so check it out for some fun inspiration. Enjoy Alex and her closet!


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