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Fun meets Fashion In South Florida

Q&A with Alex

What is your dream occupation?
To dance for Janet Jackson or Justin Timberlake.
What is your favorite activity or hobby?
What makes your hometown special?
South Florida. The culture, the beaches is what makes it special.
Practice makes perfect. Keeping on my toes! 
My favorite little Juicy Couture skirt. 
Hanging out on the beach in FSU gear. 
I love this Bebe beaded top. 
What would be your dream vacation?
Traveling around the world.
What is your favorite or best feature in or of your closet?
I love that my closet is big and easy to organize.
What is your favorite outfit in your closet?
My Bebe dress I bought for my birthday party.
What is your craziest thing/outfit in your closet?
A princess costume.
This is my favorite dress. Is it hot or what? 
I love this Dolce & Gabbana Bag. It's so me! 
Fierce Bebe sandals. So fly! 
The craziest thing in my closet. You like? 
If you were given the opportunity to have a famous designer revamp your entire wardrobe, who would you choose?
Tina Knowles (Beyonce's mother)
Who are your favorite artists (painters, writers, musicians etc.)?
Romero Britto
What is your favorite classic movie?
Gone With The Wind
What is your favorite magazine?
Harper's Bazaar
If you could have a dinner party and only invite 5 people who would they be?
John Mayer and 4 of John Mayer's clones.
What is your greatest accomplishment and why?
That I got into vascular sonography class because it shows me that I'm going somewhere in my life.
Finish this statement:_________always makes me smile
John Mayer.


I like the color of your Dolce and Gabbana bag. I typically stick with black or beige purses, I might have to change that!
elizadolittle12    10/21/13
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