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The Look For Less

Toddra is the ultimate thrifty shopper. Not only does she know how to find a bargain (she only shops at thrift and discount stores), she knows how to use accessories to create several looks with one piece. Her favorite color is turquoise. Toddra shows how one item can be used to create 3 different looks using a little creativity and a few accessories. Why buy a new outfit when you save money by revamping an old piece with some accessories.
This is the garment I started out with, a tube style dress. 
Look #1- I added a turquoise wrap top and wedge heel shoes. 
Look #2 - the dress free flowing with flat sandals and large earrings and bracelet.. 
Look # 3- Cinched with a belt and tucked in to make a bubble hem. 
As you can see, she took a brightly colored floral print strapless dress and created the various looks. For Look #1 Toddra paired the dress with a wrap style, three quarter length sleeve shirt, drop earrings and turquoise peep-toe slingbacks for a look she could wear to work.

In Look #2, she removed the shirt and wore the dress tube style and flowy. She added big bangles, hoop earrings and blue flip-flops for a more casual look that she could sport on the beach or just lounging.

For her final look, she simply tucked the bottom of the dress to create a bubble hem mini-dress, added a belt to cinch the waist, large earrings and a pair of royal blue pumps. With this look she is ready for a night on the town. Toddra shows the versatility of this one fabulous dress!
Toddra is good at finding accessories that match her outfit. 
She color coordinates all her accessories. This is just a small sample. 
One of her fabulous thrift store finds. This was only four dollars! 
Toddra is loves to find matching accessories especially unusual colors. 
Toddra is also known for her ability to find beautifully coordinating accessories for every item of clothing in her wardrobe. You would be amazed at the accessories she owns. She finds most of her clothing and jewelry from local thrift stores (you would never know by looking at them). She prefers vintage over trendy. She color coordinates all of her outfits and we just love her style. Check out her closet for some great fashion inspiration.


You Toddra are a fashion genius!!!!
Daphne    3/20/13
You are a fashion genius!
Moniette    7/31/12
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