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Brianna is a young fashionista that loves to be in the spotlight. She has been taking acting and dancing lessons for years. She has studied electric piano and can play several songs. She loves taking pictures and lucky for her she has an aunt who is a photographer and fondly remembers Brianna as early as the age of two asking, "Auntie, did you bring you camera?" Adorable since the day she was born, Brianna has never been shy when a camera was in the room.
Posing at a photo shoot. 
Getting ready to perform one of her many skits. 
Posing with a photo of Michael Jackson whom she adores. 
Doing a little acting while posing for photos. 
Brianna loves to play games on her iPad, and she loves dressing up in costumes, especially princess costumes and she enjoys spending time with her baby brother and her best friend. She also loves watching and imitating pop stars' music videos. She also loves reading chapter books. She is very proud of this accomplishment and can point to a stack of books she plans on reading.
Dressed up as Tiana from The Princess and the Frog. 
A very young Santa's helper. 
Cheesing on Christmas Day! 
The beautiful flower girl. 
Brianna aspires to be in the entertainment business in some capacity. If you asked her at the age of three what she wants to be when she grows up, she gleefully said, "a pop star or an actress". She also wants to try her hand and modeling. And she definitely has the good looks and the talent to accomplish her goals. We will have to keep our eye on this little diva!


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