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A Weston Beauty That Loves Fashion

Q&A with Andrea

What is your dream occupation?
My dream occupation is to become an Immigration Attorney.
What is your favorite activity or hobby?
I love to hang out with my boyfriend and friends, dance, go out, watch movies and shopping.
What makes your hometown special?
Weston. My family, the beautiful scenery, and the people.
My must-have sexy black spaghetti strap dress! 
I just love my Guess animal print shoes! Growwwllll! 
My favorite Juicy Couture Tracksuit. 
I'm always happy when I'm shopping. 
What would be your dream vacation?
I would love to go to Greece, Turkey, Morocco, Egypt, The Arab Emirates, Lebanon, basically I would love to go to the Middle East.
What is your favorite or best feature in or of your closet?
I would have to say that you can probably dress up or dress down any item in my closet.
What is your favorite outfit in your closet?
I don't really have a favorite, I love them all.
What is your craziest thing/outfit in your closet?
I don't have anything too crazy in there.
Always sexy and exotic in Chanel 
This Louis Vuitton bag goes great with my jeans. 
My favorite wide leg jeans. 
Sexy snakeskin camesole 
If you were given the opportunity to have a famous designer revamp your entire wardrobe, who would you choose?
It would have to be either Chanel, Dolce & Gabanna, Prada, or Roberto Cavalli.
Who are your favorite artists (painters, writers, musicians etc.)?
I absolutely adore Michelangelo's work. I also admire Raphael, Da Vinci, Rembrandt and Van Gogh. I don't read much but I like Jane Austen and Alice Walker's work. I love all types of music. I'll listen to anything, but I believe that Jimi Hendrix was a genious!
What is your favorite classic movie?
Westside Story
What is your favorite magazine?
If you could have a dinner party and only invite 5 people who would they be?
Other than family it would be: Michael, Gabriela, Cristina, Adrian and Martha
What is your greatest accomplishment and why?
Getting into college, growing up tremendously in the past year (even though you do not notice because I'm still such a big goofball), and losing 90 pounds from December 2006 until now.
Finish this statement:_________always makes me smile
My family, friends and Michael always makes me smile.


Love the shoes!
Melonee    4/15/15
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