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Lauraliz the Jetsetter Loves Shoes

Q&A with Lauraliz1986

What is your dream occupation?
My dream occupation is to be a Russian/Arabic interpreter. hehe
What is your favorite activity or hobby?
It's close between traveling and playing golf even though I am terrible.
What makes your hometown special?
Well first I would have to figure out what my "hometown" would be, then I would probably tell you the people. I lived in Johnstown, PA as a kid and I have fond memories of street festivals and polka music.
This printed shirt is kinda spooky but fun! 
Sexy ankle booties are great for traveling. 
Me on one of my many travels, 
Wedge heel tie-up shoes are so in now. 
What would be your dream vacation?
My dream vacation would be some romantic getaway with the person I love.
What is your favorite or best feature in or of your closet?
I am obsessed with shoes!!!!!! That may be an understatement.
What is your favorite outfit in your closet?
I have this new black and white polka dot shirt that I wear with black pants or shorts with white "dot" earrings and a black/white "ball" bracelet. I'll put it up soon because my description is terrible.
What is your craziest thing/outfit in your closet?
I have this black and white button up shirt that is straight out of the 80s. I thought it was pretty cool but I always get comments about how hidious it is. hehe...I never actually wore it and I'm pretty sure its in the next pile to be given away.
Just having a party! 
This is a really great animal print bag. 
I just love shoes, shoes, and more shoes! 
These typs of tops are super comfy and make a statement at the same time. 
If you were given the opportunity to have a famous designer revamp your entire wardrobe, who would you choose?
Probably Ralph Lauren because I love how crisp and clean his models look in the ads.
Who are your favorite artists (painters, writers, musicians etc.)?
Dali' by far :)...I'm also a fan of Marc favorite poet is Federico Garcia Lorca.
What is your favorite classic movie?
Pretty Woman...well its a classic for me atleast.
What is your favorite magazine?
National Geographic
If you could have a dinner party and only invite 5 people who would they be?
Chavez, Zapatero, Juan Carlos, Bill O'Reilly, and can I count the McDonald's brothers as one person???
What is your greatest accomplishment and why?
Successfully having my 2 cats and 1 dog in the same room without any fights last night.
Finish this statement:_________always makes me smile
A Strawberry-Banana and Peanut Butter Smoothie.


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