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Let the Runway Meet the Cause

Stilettos in Spring benefitting Kids in Distress showcasing the extraordinary designs of local designers.

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Fashion in NYC

From Uptown to Downtown, New York fashions are inspirational and unique! New Yorkers are trend setters and they are fully aware that the world is watchng.

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Politics and Fashion

Having a Fashion Show is a creative way to raise funds for a presidential candidate. These lovely ladies had a grand tea party.

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5/18/23 Let the Runway Meet the Cause view start page
5/14/23 Fashion in NYC view start page
5/10/23 Politics and Fashion view start page
4/15/23 Steamy Style in the Land of Smiles view start page
4/11/23 Harajuku Girls (and Boys) view start page
2/20/23 X-clusively Amsterdam view start page
2/17/23 Exploring NORDIC Style view start page
1/29/23 Voyage through Venice view start page
1/26/23 Fashion Comes First view start page
1/23/23 Weston, Florida a Great Place to Call Home view start page
1/1/23 ICELAND: It is cold up in here! view start page
12/23/22 Italia the beautiful! view start page
12/20/22 The Marais Quarter Paris, France view start page
12/8/22 New Age Prague view start page
10/23/22 Fun On The California Coast! view start page
10/16/22 Florence, Firenze, Fashions! view start page
9/29/22 Whoa! Nantucket is still happening! view start page
9/9/22 Ocean Front Cali Style view start page
7/28/22 “In the Mix – Union Square, SF” view start page
6/13/22 Tokyo: Sakura Style in Bloom view start page
3/29/22 “Where the Road IS Fashion” view start page
3/3/22 Barcelona Fever In The Winter view start page
11/14/21 Home of Nike, Portland Oregon view start page
11/9/21 EcoArtFashion Week™ view start page
9/8/21 Seattle + Grunge + Gothic + Chic = 'Grungy Chic' view start page
8/3/21 Beat the Heat, NYU Style view start page
7/5/21 South Beach, Florida view start page
6/3/21 Fashions of Central Park view start page
5/31/21 Ebony Fashion Fair view start page
4/6/21 Designer Secrets in Ho Chi Minh view start page
4/3/21 Shinjuku-to-Ginza, the Business of Shopping view start page
3/31/21 Style to Go in Taipei City view start page
1/8/21 DID YOU SAY WINTER IN LONDON, ENGLAND? view start page
11/10/20 Fantasy Fest in Key West view start page
8/21/20 Jawana Lockett view start page
8/12/20 Fashions of New York view start page
7/9/20 Hurray for Hollywood, Florida That Is view start page
6/16/20 Chicago is the Heart of America view start page
3/18/20 Humberto Vidal view start page
12/9/19 Manhattan Beach California! view start page
10/9/18 Rich Jackson view start page
11/20/17 What Do You CRAVE? view start page
6/3/17 Franky Hodge view start page
4/26/17 Model Style with Maytee in Miami view start page
6/20/16 It's A Fashion Knockout! view start page
5/6/16 All About Shuzz view start page
3/18/16 Brains, Beauty & Style view start page
9/16/15 Fashion Flashback view start page
9/9/13 Airy Grand Central view start page
7/29/13 Wine, Jazz, and Fashion view start page
5/10/13 WPB Fashion Connection view start page
9/21/12 The Global Fashion Agency view start page
6/22/12 Alessandra Montesdeoca view start page
11/4/11 Ft. Lauderdale Fashion Week view start page
4/22/11 The Art Institute Delivers view start page
2/11/11 Fashion Through the Eyes of Love view start page
10/15/10 Thread Show Miami view start page
8/20/10 Lila Nikole Swimwear at Pangaea view start page
5/14/10 Funkshion Fashion Week Miami Beach view start page
10/23/09 Looking for Richard Blayne view start page
8/14/09 Confessions of a Shopaholic view start page
7/31/09 Jay R. Dee Clothing Fashion Explosion view start page
7/3/09 Miami: Fun, Fashion and Cocktails view start page
5/1/09 The Success Behind Icon Magazine view start page
3/6/09 AIU En Vogue Fashion Show view start page
2/6/09 Cocktails, Boutiques and New Designs view start page
12/26/08 Winter Wonderland in Boca Raton view start page
11/28/08 Barneys and the FACE of Giving view start page
10/10/08 H&M Red Carpet, Seattle view start page
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I've updated My Closet. Check it out!
I've updated My Blog. Check it out!
I've updated My Blog. Check it out!
Hello everyone!

I have created my first website, which will be useful for all students, school pupils, and people in technical professions who deal with plotting function graphs.
On my website,

You can plot any function graph for free, view examples of already plotted graphs, and plot one or multiple graphs on the same image. You can also automatically save the obtained screenshot to your computer or phone.
The service is presented in the form of a builder for different types of function graphs: linear, trigonometric, logarithmic, quadratic, cubic, power, root, fractional, and others.
For example:
linear graph function
graph of linear function
quadratic graphing
tg plot
ctg function
exponential plot
cosine graphing
parabolic graph

I would like to know your opinion on how useful and convenient the graph plotting service I created is. If you like it, please share the link to my service on social media.
If you have any comments or suggestions, please write to me via DM or through the contact form on the website. I will definitely consider and apply your advice in practice.

Wishing you all success in your exams and scientific work!

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