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Teaming Up To Tackle Menswear

The winning Inspirational designers from Seamless in Seattle contest make their way to the top!

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Helena de Natalio

Fun and decadent, it is Helen Hoppock's spirit that has brought the company to life.

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Named after a Dickens' character, this line is full of old-world romanticism.

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6/11/24 Wyatt Orr Teaming Up To Tackle Menswear
6/9/24 Helen Hoppock Helena de Natalio
6/7/24 Melissa Coker Wren
6/5/24 Bella Collage Bella Collage "BanGals"
6/2/24 Brenda Carillo Brenda Carillo Takes Recycling to New Level
5/31/24 Ayesha Ibrahim Ayesha Ibrahim
5/29/24 jme Salvationware: A Competitor's Winning Line
5/8/24 Angela Johnson A Woman of All Trades
5/6/24 L'Amour Ameer L'Amour Ameer
5/4/24 Evey Bright Colors, Fun Patterns
5/2/24 Viviane Valerius Viviane Valerius
4/28/24 Dean John Dean John Designer
4/26/24 Tena Renee Tena Renee of Chicago
4/24/24 Gwen Beloti The Futuristic Goddess Spring Summer
4/22/24 Anna Livermore Anna Livermore
4/20/24 Alicia Sanchez Favala by Alicia Sanchez
4/18/24 Corazon Winner of Battle of the Runway
3/19/24 Dorothy Lee The Debut of Dorothy Lee
1/10/24 Bukky Are Bukky Are
1/6/24 Joneien Leah Johnson Joneien Leah
1/4/24 Asake Agoro Asake Agoro
12/26/23 Minna Kao Minna Kao
12/23/23 Maggie Dandridge M. Dandridge Couture
12/15/23 Geren Ford Geren Ford Makes
12/11/23 Lanvy Lanvy-NYC Designer
10/11/23 Glaja Mayne Super Fun Designs by Glaja Mayne
10/9/23 Emily Katz Sustainably Fashion Forward
10/7/23 Candice Held Candice Held is All About Color
10/5/23 Bernard Holley Bernard Holley, Fashion Designer Extraordinaire
10/3/23 MapleXO Maple XO Takes Going Green to New Level!
9/12/23 Bianca Terry Self Taught Fashionista Turned Designer
9/9/23 Troize Cond Fun, Funky and Fabulous Cond Couture Fashions
9/6/23 Lisa Metcalf & Rene Chrisan Oli & Lina
9/3/23 Jeanette Vargas Jenvars by Designer Jeanette Vargas
8/23/23 Margaret Lajara Margaret Lajara
8/21/23 Gail Elliott From Day to Night to Bed
8/19/23 Jacinta Ligon To Dream Of Destiny by Jacinta Ligon
7/3/23 Michael Benjamin Volkar Michael Benjamin Volkar
6/30/23 Joy Gross Joy Gross
6/27/23 Claudia and Catalina Pieschacon Cleo and Cat Jewels
6/2/23 Laura Pimentel LaLucca
5/29/23 Nathaneal Harkham T-Shirt Art & Messages
5/27/23 Maria Veronica Rivas Maria Veronica Rivas
5/6/23 Jay R Duarte Super Talent in A Tall Package
4/17/23 Shanikki Peterson Lujeanik Fabulous Swimwear
4/15/23 George Moss GMoss Designs
4/13/23 Ketty Hernandez Ketty Hernandez
4/11/23 Jessica Bravo Jessica Bravo
4/5/23 Chaquita Collie Mysterious and Unique
2/24/23 Loreal Banks Loreal Banks
2/18/23 Diamond Totans Sexy Stitches
2/1/23 Veronica Wong Sugar Blush Jewelry
1/25/23 Pegah Sasani A Model Designer
1/2/23 Shannon SaintClair Shannon SaintClair
12/31/22 Suzanne Jaberg Suzabelle by Suzanne Jaberg
12/20/22 Jacquis Rambeau Broken Celebrity I-Wear
12/18/22 Larissa Eakin Haisten Larissa Eakin Haisten and Luxury Sportswear
12/16/22 KahriAnne Kerr From the Farm to the Big City
10/20/22 Christian Tinson Christian P. Tinson
9/30/22 Kelly Cimber Kelly Cimber Designs
9/24/22 Gwen Beloti Gwen Beloti
9/19/22 Battle of the Runways-1 Seattle's Emerging Battle!
7/28/22 Carole Kotler and Ana Schoenberg B-Low the Belt is High on Style
7/25/22 Dina Medina Dina Medina
7/19/22 Sheila Rodriguez Genesi FUNK Is Not Just A Name But An Attitude
6/12/22 Rain King Kissed by Rain
6/6/22 Guillermo Castillo Guillermo Castillo
5/11/22 Michele Bege Michele Bege
5/5/22 Carlene Santos Carlene Santos
4/18/22 Patrick Kearse Patrick Kearse
4/16/22 Tracey Vest Tracey Vest
4/2/22 Kathy Flesch Katch Collection Jewelry
3/31/22 Charday Fields Charday Fields
3/2/22 Naira McMullen Naira McMullen
2/2/22 Sanjeeda Baig Kashan-e-Sanjeeda Style
8/2/21 Yasser Faraco Yasser Faraco
7/31/21 Nekia Hattley Nekia Hattley
7/15/21 Carl Trogdon Carl Trogdon Award Winning Designer
4/5/21 Slavica Trifunoska Slavica Trifunoska
2/1/21 Nicolle Michelle Nicolle Michelle Designs
1/28/21 Katie Nehra Acting and Designing.
11/7/20 Battle of the Runway-II The Battle Continues
5/8/20 Nina Graham Blue Beauty
3/29/20 Yilin Lee Asian American Cultural Threads
8/13/19 Melvie Tucker Dressed to Kill "Poison"
7/9/11 Indie Designers Indie Designers with Edge
9/5/09 Jacinta Ligon Almost Famous
8/22/09 Lola van Loo Jewelry by Lola van Loo
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I've updated My Closet. Check it out!
I've updated My Closet. Check it out!

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