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Glaja Mayne

laja Mayne is nationally renowned for her unique handcrafted handbags bursting with rich fabrics, dazzling jewels, exotic stones, and hand-painted designs emulating her Caribbean roots and art-deco upbringing.
Handbag Designer Glaja Mayne was born in the beautiful paradise of Kingston, Jamaica, and raised in the tropical oasis of Miami, Florida. As a young child, she was intrigued with colors, fabrics and designing and started making clothes and handbags for herself and friends. This fascination fueled her creativity where she developed her taste for fabrics and appreciation of detail and quality in craftsmanship and most of all her passion to design. She inevitably became one of the most sought after handbag designers in South Florida. Her designs have been featured in Caribbean Beat & MIA magazine.

There was never an age I became interested in fashion. Fashion was born in me. From the first day I could breathe, I recalled being fascinated with all stylish and colorful things. In Jamaica, as a child, I vividly recall running though my grandmother's orchid garden, picking flowers and making a beautiful arrangement in my curly tendrils of hair. I was allowed to be free with expression which allowed me to have an intimate relationship with nature and it's beauties.

As a teen, I would categorize my style as "funky-punky cute." From the genesis of my life, I never really cared what people liked. I searched within and whatever made me feel beautiful I embraced it. I am magical with my dressing and when I feel that way I have succeeded in loving me for me. People often times shunned my eccentricity, but others admired me. Whether it was a shun or admiration - both mattered me none because my style reflects my soul.
Magic, to me, is creating an unprecedented image in your head and bringing that image to life through creation.
– Glaja Mayne, Designer
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