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former Corporate Finance gal turned fashion designer of all things beautiful…Lanvy is a designer that integrates smart business decisions to enable her own eco-conscientious creativity while providing opportunities for those less fortunate. Lanvy came to this business almost by accident after organizing a fashion-show fundraiser to assist a friend in saving a trade-school designated for the handicapped in Vietnam. Together they were able to salvage both school and the creativity that once possessed Lanvy as an artist.
Lanvy and her parents came to the United States from Vietnam as indentured servants working as fishing-boat refugees. They thought themselves lucky to leave servitude but then had to settle within the battle zones of the notorious gangs, the Bloods and Crips in Long Beach, California. There was simply no other way out, but up; scholarships and grants afforded her leverage and a business degree from Boston University. Having clawed out of poverty and having received this precious degree, Lanvy was compelled to chase the Wall Street dream…the American hope to be rich and powerful. Yet, after ten years of corporate finance…of deals… of mergers and acquisitions, she was compelled to live the life ideal: to create without burdening the CREATOR and ,in return, give to those forgotten. It is Lanvy's dream to make CARING fashionable.

Lanvy wants to change the garment industry's perspective on creative license and show that ingenuity can be achieved with balanced numbers and balanced lives. "Now it’s my corporate policy to be GREEN. Our line is eco-couture and holistically sustainable. I am firm on the basis that high-fashion can be socially & ecologically responsible...and why not?? MILK makes for a beautiful sweater and mung-bean, a great suit...We’ve dieted on what beauty Mother-Nature provides and made it HAUTE. This means that we take what is naturally and historically beautiful like traditional crochet and weaving methods of garment-making of yesteryear and re-interpret such techniques for our high end collection using natural textile. In this way, we can target economic development projects for known craft villages and assist them in growing the industry. We then take such knowledge and re-teach it to the under-privileged students and the abandoned of societies (for example: orphans, neglected & abused young women). I don’t think there are many designers out there who account for such multi-dimensional views when building their collections. This makes us VERY different."
I am firm on the basis that high-fashion can be socially & ecologically responsible...and why not??
– Lanvy, Designer
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I love Miss Ross aka The BOSS! She has so much class and grace not like some of the artists today.
Yes Cuz, you look great. Please send me some workout tips!
Wow. Moniette, you are in amazing shape! You must live in the gym!
What is everyone wearing for the 4th of July? I have a couple of options. I will post because I can't decide which one to wear. I will create of couple of outfits hopefully you all will tell me which you like.

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