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Jessica Bravo

essica Bravo's design style is very contemporary and it is inspired and dedicated to confident women with great social lives and for those that are looking for that unique look that will make them feel chic and sophisticated.
Originally from Ecuador, Jessica Bravo was introduced to custom dressmakers at an early age by her mother who would often have her dresses made for special occasions. Since this service was relatively inexpensive in her homeland country, she continued frequenting her dressmaker throughout her youth, and by her mid-teenage years, Jessica had them sewing her own designs!

Growing up surrounded by business owners, Jessica was predestined to attend business school. She came to the United States to continue her Bachelor studies and obtained a management degree from Pacific University in 2003. Motivated by her sister Monica, she decided to follow her passion and entered an intensive fashion design program at the Art Institute of Seattle, and was able to complete her degree by the end of 2005.

At the beginning of 2006, Bravo married her lovely husband Jesse St Marie and became Jessica St Marie, but maintained her maiden name for her clothing line. Encouraged by her husband, after acquiring more experience from freelance jobs, she is now working independently with private clients. She has designed beautiful and elegant dresses for bridal parties, for Sweet Sixteen parties and just recently had a Miss Washington USA contestant as one of her high profile clients, among others. Also, Bravo remains in the forefront of the fashion industry and is constantly involved in fashion shows in the Seattle area. She has been featured twice in the Bothell-Kenmore Reporter newspaper; once for having shown a great line at a fashion show, and the following year for making and donating fleece hats to children of the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance Children’s Hospital.
The anticipation of having the final garment is enormous and it is what keeps me working nonstop. Then I’m thrilled when I finally have it. I love working with stretch satin to achieve a better fit and because it has a more elegant finish.
– Jessica Bravo, Designer
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