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The World View

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Fun, Daring and Classic Accessories

Accessories can make or break an outfit. So, make it work! Here is how...

The World View: Fun, Daring and Classic Accessories

These party and club trendy accessories are eye catchers and will take you to the NEXT level of fashion. Guys and Gals, you may style yourself or others in a 'fun' genre, go for the 'daring', or simply keep it 'classic'! All you need is to add one hip accessory to your look and an entire new meaning to your style could emerge. Take your clues from the above looks and also check out what is going on in your own closet...the fashion world continuously recycles trends so you can do the same thing...start exploring what you have and make good of what already belongs to you! Now sometimes you might want to add a twist to your own closet finds- a bright slouchy bag, or even oversized earrings can update your style. Color blocks on anything, fun shaped glasses, or a graphic print scarf can give the wow factor to a normally bland look. Cuffs for the wrist, a pendant, a chained pocket watch or a semi-precious ring could add to the magic. Try adorning yourself with painterly colored tops, combine contrasting shapes and abstract patterns and let your imagination take you there? Whether you are a fun, daring or classic type of person, you CAN make it work-just use your imagination.

For added help, just check out other MyCloset members closets, our esteemed Emerging Designer Closets or check out the MC Storefronts, MC SaleFronts or the MC Warehouse. You are sure to become inspired to explore utilizing accessories!



Ruffles, Pleats & Lace

Its time to let our girly side shine and embrace ruffles, pleats and lace.

Lace, ruffles and pleats are just a few of the it embellishments we can see adorning clothing from lingerie to pants to shirts to sweaters to dresses. Thanks to these girlish compliments, fashionistas of any age are looking good and standing out. Whether you are wearing a dress covered in ruffles or a blouse with a ruffled neckline, you are bound to make a statement. We at just love what an embellishment can do to spice up an outfit. Want to add some fun and flirty attire to your wardrobe? Then check out the M.C. Storefronts and SaleFronts to see what you can find.



Military Style

War is not popular but military style seems to be. This tailored and crisp look has evolved into serious fashion.

Made popular by the one-and-only King of Pop, Michael Jackson, the military jacket is as relevant today as it was in the 90's. Military jackets can be seen in many shapes and styles. From cropped, sleeveless and sequined to military style trenchcoats, this trend never seems to end. These jackets range from casual daywear in denim to sparkly and beaded for night. Browse through the M.C. Storefronts to find the latest versions of the ever popular military jacket. There is bound to be a few that you can't live without!
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