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Ketty Hernandez

unkydelic Summer is the name of Ketty Hernandez's most recent collection. She was driven not only by the Chic Miami style, but also by the 70’s era. The silhouettes used, have a modern day feel reminiscent of the 70’s. The use of vibrant colors and fabrics give it that final touch that completes the look.
Ketty Hernandez was born in Cuba and moved to Miami, Florida at the age of eight. Growing up in Miami, she knew at a very early age that she wanted to study fashion design. She even remembers that she would become angered with her mother when she would not let her dress herself for school. But not to worry, the fashionable Ketty soon began picking out her own clothes and even dressing her friends.

What Ketty thought was a game has turned out to be her passion. She remembers, "I began sketching at the age of 8 using a croqui set I was given for my birthday and have not stopped since then."

Ketty attended Barbara Goldman High School in Miami, Florida, which is where she designed her first piece…It was a skirt and top for one of her classmates. Soon after her first design experience, Ketty boldly designed and sketched her "Quince" (her fifteenth birthday party) dress. It was a huge hit. Her personal style as a teen was very simple and she had the "girl next door" image usually seen in jeans and a tank top. But she could certainly design and sketch!

Through the years, Ketty has grown to love all sorts of fashion styles, with Miami being her main source of inspiration, "I feel this is represented in my collection “Funkydelic Summer”. But the city of Miami, its fashions and the eclectic lifestyle is not her only source of inspiration. In addition to being a fabulous up-and-coming designer, she is also a mother. Ketty states, "All my hard work and everything I do is dedicated to my two children, who mean the world to me and for whom I work so hard."
I love art and to me fashion is an art that is expressing emotions.
– Ketty Hernandez, Designer
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