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Shanikki Peterson

uJeanik Designs pronounced (La-Jeah-nek) was founded in 2007 by Shanikki Peterson. The creative name itself originated from her mother "Lu"cretia, her late grandmother Barbara "Jean" and Sha"nik"ki herself, representing, not only "uniqueness" but three diverse women who are strong, inspiring to others as well as fashion forward.
Shanikki Peterson was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida. Her love of fashion began around age eleven and if you look at her background, itís easy to see how she became a lover of all things fashion. Her grandmother made clothing for others and her very fashionable mother started her on the path to being stylish, shopping at Dillard's and Belk's for the latest fashions. By the time she became a teen, she was wearing the trendiest clothes around. "I wore a lot of Tommy Hilfiger; I loved the whole all-American look. Poloís and the school-girl trend was my favorite time period." she recalls.

Having been bitten by the fashion bug Shanikki, started on the path to becoming a fashion designer by attending the International Academy of Design and Technology, Tampa where she obtained both an Associates of Science Degree and a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Fashion Design and Marketing. When asked how she began designing swimwear, she stated, "I actually started out making dancewear for local clubs and someone asked me to do a photo shoot at the beach and it basically started from there because I saw so much that can be done with swimwear." And did she ever take advantage of that fact.

Shanikki designs transcend the norm in swimwear. Each piece is elegant, sexy and beautifully constructed. She chooses colors and textures that work well with her sophisticated silhouettes. If there were such a thing as "evening swimwear", Lujeanik would fit the bill.
The Epitome of Fierce!
– Shanikki Peterson, Designer
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