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Plenty of Time

A fabulous collection of antique clocks from around the world.

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Fun and Functional Souvenirs

Colorful shot glasses are fun to collect & down a few!

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Smokin'... Fire and Desire!

James started investing in humidors and lighters at an early age.

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7/15/17 Plenty of Time – Rocko
7/13/17 Fun and Functional Souvenirs – Daphne
7/5/17 Smokin'... Fire and Desire! – James G
6/20/17 Take a Look At These! – Claudia from Argentina
6/10/17 Tutus and Shoe Tales – Patricia Barker
6/3/17 I HEART VINTAGE VESSELS ! – Eliza Do Little12
5/27/17 Mercedes Benz Replicas – Mike
5/14/17 Shelves of Mystery – Diane Kudisch
5/8/17 Vintage Cars are Stylish – George
4/23/17 Cultural Pieces Make a Statement – Daphne
4/18/17 Thomas Blackshear's Ebony Visions Collection – Eddye
3/7/17 Matchbook Souvenirs – Carter
11/17/16 The Lady Loves Shoes – Jacinta Ligon
9/23/16 Masks Make Great Accessories for the Home – Daphne
5/22/16 Jacinta is a Jetsetter – Jacinta Ligon
4/10/16 Accomplished Godfather – An Avid James Brown Collector
12/20/14 Barack Obama Makes History! – Daphne
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I've updated My Blog. Check it out!
I've updated My Blog. Check it out!
Thank you Claudia!
Well it is almost Thanksgiving and I am giving thanks for all that I have and for friends and families that have been so great in my life! Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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