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James G

Smokin'... Fire and Desire!

with James G. from Buffalo, New York

How long have you been collecting these items?
8 years.
Give us a little background on your collection
The humidors in this collection are all from this time period but they are limited editions. You can not purchase any of them today. The lighters are just ON! I have plenty of new unique lighters but I purchased my first antique lighter about 8 years ago and I have been searching for them every since. I like antique lighters already in good condition so it makes them harder to find. The oldest lighter is from the 1800's.
How did you develop an interest in this particular collection?
A friend of mine had me try a Cuban cigar and I enjoyed it. I started investing in top of the line cigars and to keep good cigars, you need a really good humidor. One humidor turned into two and so on. Regarding the lighters- I passed by an antique store while in Seattle, Washington and saw a lighter in the window that got my attention. It was quite pricey but I was not leaving that state without it. I had never seen a lighter like it before and I have been searching for more ever since.
What approach did you take in starting this particular collection?
Once I purchased the first lighter, I became obsessed with having another antique lighter. I just started to look for them whenever I traveled. Now I have family and friends looking for unique finished humidors, lighters and lighter cutters for me when they travel. I also put the word out on a few sites.
What are your favorite specialty items in your collection?
My burl wood Cartier humidor and my medium sized brown lighter that was my first purchase.
What other collections or hobbies do you have?
Cigar cutters, cigars, hats, athletic shoes and pinky rings.
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