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How long have you been collecting these items?
Well my grandmother started the collection and I have kept it up by combing different antique shops from around the world. So I would say, about 16 years. I think I was 12 when I spent my allowance on a small antique vase that had hand painted flowers on it. (laughing) I broke it during one of my moves-but it was not funny then.
Give us a little background on your collection
My Grandmother connected buyers and sellers of antiques and collectibles. She kept very special items for herself and she also brought her daughter, my mother, into the business. And of course, they brought me in. At first the traveling was too much for me but after being able to view so much of the world and learn from the people that I admired the most, it became fun. I started to really enjoy the antique world and besides for the huge urns that were left to me by my grandmother, vessels are relatively easy to pack and travel with. You just have to know what you are doing and plan ahead.
How did you develop an interest in this particular collection?
Under the direction of my family, I developed an eye for unique vessels at a very young age. My friends have also become interested in a variety of antiques and collectibles. Being obsessed with these collectibles is an expensive but worthwhile problem to have. If you choose, you could make a lot from this type of investment in the long run. I have always marveled at how things are made and the behind the scenes aspects. I cannot imagine the creative thoughts that are behind most of these pieces-these people must have been so intense. And to think that people actually used most of these items-after someone spent months and sometimes years creating them. Antiques are awesome.
What approach did you take in starting this particular collection?
Collecting, in all of its forms is a specialty. You have to do your research or learn from someone that has knowledge in your area of interest. In my case, my family saw my interest and we ran with it. I collect a lot of items but I am obsessed with vessels.
What are your favorite specialty items in your collection?
Unique shapes and vases with two handles are wonderful to me. But, I love the urns that my grandmother left to me-they are from a European castle and are made of rare blood red marble. They watched me grow up (laughs). I also love the glass blown hand painted vessels by Maxi Power. She passed a few years ago, and I am now always looking for vessels made by her. Her work is amazing-her pieces are always so lively and well thought out. They brighten up the gloomiest people. I have seen it happen (laughs).
What other collections or hobbies do you have?
I really love traveling now-it is a good thing.
What do your friends say about your collections. Do they like to show them off?
Well, my name has become synonymous with vessels when it comes to my friends. During their travels, if they happen to see something that they think I would like, and can afford (laughing) they immediately call me. Sometimes, they find great buys for me! And yes, they think that I am crazy sometimes but they do enjoy giving the history on a lot of my pieces.
Does you age help or harm you in your quest?
I think that it actually helps me. People and dealers that do not know my family want to give me great deals to help me start a collection. They like that someone with youthful spirit is interested in history, so I think that I generally get better deals than an old fuddy duddy!!
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I've updated My Blog. Check it out!
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