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Anait Bian

"In Paris you have to be dressed creatively, but not like a freak. In Milan, it's overdone, too polished! English women do it best. From far away they can look like they are wearing thrift store clothes, then up close you see they are wearing current designer pieces. It comes together effortlessly!"

Born in Armenia and part French, Anait Bian has lived in numerous countries throughout the world. Bian studied at both Parsons School of Design and the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) and has received degrees in Biology and Art History. In 1996, after her studies concluded, she began designing for photo shoots and quickly started her own label, Anait Bian. Within two years Bian was showing her first collection at Bryant Park. Her structured yet feminine designs were modern with hints of vintage flair. Instantly becoming a favorite for high society types like Lydia Hearst, Alison Minton, Luigi Tadini, Kathleen Giordano, and A Fashionable Life’s co-host’s Jayne Chase and Jennifer Goodkind. Bian was such a hit here in the US; she decided to travel abroad to Paris, Milan, London and Tokyo to present her designs with much success.

After living overseas, Anait Bian moved back to New York City and opened an appointment only boutique, where she also designs custom made clothes for her clients. In 2006 she designed costumes for the Chamber Dance Project’s world premiere of “Slowly Nearly Little: An Andante” and “Water”. Also in the same year Bian’s showing at the 2006 Fall/Winter fashion week, contained a collection of colorful outfits and lingerie inspired dresses; both with aspects from the 20s and 30s to create soft feminine silhouettes mixed in with tailored architectural construction. Her next collection for Spring/ Summer of 2007 was a play on Mia Farrow’s portrayal of Daisy Buchanan in the 1974 classic, The Great Gatsby. This light colored collection complete with tennis style dresses, halters, pleated skirts, and jackets with detachable collars happens to be’s favorite line designed by Bian. A year later, in order to stand out amongst other designers, Bian made sure her Fall/Winter ’07 collection was shown in style; staging a “High Tea” presentation at The Hotel Plaza Athenee. The style evoked the 1940s with form fitting skirt and pant suits, jutting shoulder pads, and romantic dresses. After a decade in the fashion industry Bian had defiantly made a name for herself, designing dresses for celebrities like Eva Longoria - Parker and starting couture lines; A.Bian and OFF A.Bian.

Life Facts:
Anait Bian is a lover of all things green, hence the biology degree. Anait's personal life is very similar to that of her socialite clients: she enjoys attending splendid events and parties both in New York and Paris. Anait Bian is an avid supporter of ARF (animal rescue fund) and a contributing designer for Designers for Darfur.


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