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Alvin Valley

"I think the back is the sexiest part of a woman’s body...A great back can define a great butt. It’s the spine connecting the whole body."

Known from coast to coast as “the Lord of Pants”, fashion designer Alvin Valley was born in New York City but raised in Seville Spain. After high school, he moved back to the states and attended the University of Miami. Valley then set out to become a fashion designer and in 1995 he opened his first boutique in the Coconut Grove neighborhood of Miami. Valley was an instant hit with his signature wide waistband, long-legged, low-slung and well tailored trousers. Critics, socialites and celebrities immediately started clamoring for his designs, prompting him to open an atelier in New York City. With the sexy, confident Latin woman as his inspiration and the desire to compliment a woman’s beauty by empowering them with his clothing it is no wonder Valley is a favorite amongst celebrities like Kate Winslet, Penelope Cruz, Jennifer Lopez, Sharon Stone, Madonna, Eva Longoria and Beyonce.

In 2000 Alvin Valley officially launched his eponymous line of Resort and ready-to-wear feminine, casual clothing. To coincide with the launch, he started to sell his designs wholesale in stores like Bloomingdales and Henri Bendel. Currently, Valley’s clothing can be found in over 250 stores nationwide and internationally in over 15 countries. After years of success amongst well known socialites and Hollywood A-listers, Valley in 2007, established ‘As is by Alvin Valley’; a lower priced ready-to-wear line of women’s clothing and a favorite with the fashionistas. Later that year, he launched a second low priced line, ‘Alvin’, only this time for mass market. With a majority of clientele in the Southern California region, in early 2009 Valley opened his first flagship store in the Century City Westfield Shopping Center. Also in 2009, he successfully unveiled his first ever menswear line, ‘Alvin Valley Menswear’.

Life Facts:
Alvin Valley considers Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein and Yves Saint Laurent his favorite designers. Starting in 2005, W Hotels Worldwide began sponsoring Alvin Valley’s fashion and trunk shows. Valley partnered with Duane Reade to design a line of reusable eco-totes to be sold exclusively in the drug store during Fashion week in 2008. In the nineteen years he has been in the industry Valley has also designed a number of uniforms for hotels, restaurants, and boutiques.


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Closet Chatter

Homeschoolmama, I'm with the other ladies, you did a wonderful job putting together your vow renewal, it looked like a day full of fun and love. I think the memory table and cocoa bar were brilliant ideas! and of course, you all looked great!!!
HSM- your vow renewal was beautiful. Those photos in the snow are incredible and I love the way you decorated in a lovely rustic way! Very nice!
Homeschoolmama your vow renewal looked like it was very special. Beautiful. Wish you and your hubby many more wonderful years together!
Wow. Homeschoolmama! Your Vow Renewal looked amazing. I loved your unique touches. That's what makes it so special. You have inspired me to be less traditional and more unique when I decide to get married!

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