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KahriAnne Kerr

"Wear your personality on your sleeve. Don't be boring. You are fabulous, so dress like it!"

KahriAnne Kerr grew up in Tripoli, Iowa, Having no previous fashion/sewing experience KahriAnne taught herself how to sew and design. It was in the spring of 2002 (KahriAnne’s freshman year at BYU-Idaho) that Kahri clothing was first showcased on the runway. KahriAnne created her first women’s collection to great success. She also created a line of funky eveningwear that same year for a class. The fashion design department at BYU-Idaho named KahriAnne Kerr the “Best Fashion Designer” and the “Most Promising Designer” for 2001-2002.

KahriAnne moved back to Iowa to set up her first mini store. Kreations by Kahri was born in the summer of 2002.
Summer 2003 brought the beginning of KahriAnne wanted to reach a wider audience so she taught herself how to design a website. That summer Kahri branched out including a new Kahri Lil’ Chick line for girls, Slid Lil’ Guy for boys and Kahri baby.

KahriAnne headed out to NYC in August 2003 to attend the fashion design program at The Fashion Institute of Technology. Kahri then began to sell her collection in NYC stores. Kahri even set up a lil’ store in Soho, as a part of a new designer collective called Burrow in Spring 2005.

Kahri now is sold in over 20 boutiques across the US, the UK, and Israel, as well as 30 online boutiques. Kahri has also been featured in many fashion shows with celebrity hosts and performers, such as Kanye West, MTV’s Quddus, BET’s Melissa Ford, Keenyah Hill and Naima More from America’s Next Top Model and on TV programs, such as Fuse TV, 99% Fashion, and BPM TV, as well as many magazines, such as Interview, React, US Weekly, Rockpile, The Ave, Shut Up, Exactly, and more. Recording artists such as Fergie, Aubrey from Danity Kane, and Brandi Carlisle have also rocked Kahri gear on and off of their video shoots.

Designer Facts:
I really don't buy clothes very often. I just wear my own stuff.


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