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Bukky Are

"Whatís beautiful can never be denied, I dream with my eyes open and I am what I dream. Thatís my Versatile Style."

Bukola Are, of Nigerian heritage, was born in Maryland, USA and moved to Lagos, Nigeria where she attended High School. Bukola first showed interest in fashion at age 13. She remembers watching the way her mother dressed and always found her motherís style very unique. The first item she made was a black dress and this led to this young and talented designer to actually starting her own line at the age of 17! And as a teen, Bukola always stood out from the crowd. She dressed in a much different manner than her peers and her superb fashion sense and style was unquestionable.

Though she always knew she wanted to be a fashion designer, she began to learn more about her craft while producing fashion shows. Being involved with public relations for her school magazine called the 'Press Club' also helped her gain knowledge that would help her fashion and business aspirations.

Bukky finds inspiration for her designs from her travels around the world. Many of her pieces are constructed of fabrics from West Africa with American and European influences. This is a line were you can define your own style, which includes couture, contemporary and urban. In essence, Bukky creates a lifestyle.

Designer Facts:
If I could bring back any fashion trend, it would be the bubble, umbrella some call it, I see its fading away but I find very unique.


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