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ULTRA LOUNGESMANHATTAN, Pioneering Fashion-Based Web Site, Launches New Interactive Features to Enhance User Functionality and Celebrity and Designer Visibility

SEATTLE - (Business Wire), a landmark fashion-based Web site known for being the first interactive site for organizing wardrobes and photographs and for its groundbreaking outfit-building technology, has relaunched its Web site with numerous new fun and easy-to-use features. is an online community for individuals, consumers, designers and business owners. It provides free superior organizing and showcasing tools for wardrobes, photographs, store inventories, designer collections, and collectibles, all in one place. Its free services also support promotional merchandising and online commerce opportunities. This site, for men and women from all parts of the world, provides additional entertainment through proprietary articles and other unique and engaging features and communication tools.

Innovative Technology has developed the industry’s most reliable and scalable product and technology platform for wardrobe and lifestyle management. provides the tools for virtual closet creation and provides an absolutely free platform for individuals, stores, boutiques and designers for showcasing, managing, merchandising, selling and communicating. Innovative technology allows for users to personalize and organize their virtual closets with specialty named Look Books, photographic images and video albums.

Many exclusive technologies and applications are created as a result of requests submitted by the community of businesses and individual users of This has resulted in a broad array of fresh and user-friendly technologies and applications found collectively only on

Revolutionary features that originated on

  • was the first to introduce the personal outfit builder, which utilizes items from a community member’s own wardrobe. The Outfit Builder allows community members to upload items from stores, boutiques, designers, personal wardrobes and other community members’ wardrobes while mixing and matching to create desired outfits, or looks. Items may be purchased and sent for comments, revisions or suggestions to clique members or to a public message board. Closet items and pages can be sent to anyone’s online application via the notification system. The Outfit Builder has been enhanced to expand the allowable items includable in each outfit, and community members can now drag and drop items from a palette and place anywhere desired on a canvas for comprehensive viewing.
  • The innovative “Wish List” is based on the concept of a gift registry. Wish List “must-haves” can be sent to friends and family for gifting opportunities. This feature helps eliminate receiving unwanted gifts by enhancing gift selection to specific personal preferences.
  • The personal message center is a simple way for each community member to keep abreast of communications and interactions throughout the Web site. This includes message logging and a personal message board. Notification is also given to members if there is any “action” from others (questions, outfits built, messages, etc.) in their closets or if their clique members have been active.


Celebrities, Designers, and Personalities Profiled Through Promotional Features

  • highlights celebrities and personalities by taking a look into their personal closets, giving members a unique and original view into the lives of their favorite celebrities, designers, models and personalities.
  • Established designers showcase their inspirations, collections and products and use an eclectic and informative platform to reach a diverse audience of fashion lovers from around the world.
  • Exclusive articles are presented to a captive audience interested in learning from and connecting with renowned fashion mavens and gurus.


Stores and Emerging Designers Leverage Proprietary Promotional Platform to Showcase and Merchandise provides a unique business opportunity for stores, boutiques and emerging designers. What begins online can translate to both genuine transactions online, as well as to increased visibility and transactions offline.

  • Stores and boutiques are featured in exclusive Store Focus on a weekly basis.
  • Provides opportunity for stores to upload virtual storefronts on in which members and stylists can select, mix and match clothing and accessories. Purchase opportunities as well as personalized concierge services can be established for V.I.P. customers.
  • Emerging Designers are presented daily in exclusive “Emerging Designer” features. Designers can upload collections, market to members, provide fashion advice and interact directly with a fashion-based community of consumers, other designers, stylists and store owners.
  • can either perform as an extension of stores’ and designers’ Web sites, or the closets they create can perform as their online presence. The dynamic and interactive tools offered can be used for corporate benefits and diversified advertising and distribution in whatever manner behooves the businesses.
  •’s wardrobe management and outfit-building products can be used as teaching tools by stores for educating sales associates about trends and fashion “do’s and don’ts,” as well as how to merchandise, manage and sell to their customers.


Individuals Benefit from Products that Allow for Virtual Closet Organizational and Categorization, and Purchasing Opportunities

  • Community members are exposed to a broad range of features in this content-rich Web site, such as:
    • Global Fashions, Celebrity Closets, Designers Doorway, Emerging Designers, and Fashionistas Views and Clues.
    • Marketplaces, including: MC Storefronts, the MC SaleFronts (exclusive sale section) and The M.C. Warehouse, where community members can purchase items from the closets of Designers and Stores that have uploaded their inventories into customized closets on
    • Advanced keyword searching for direct purchasing and outfit-building opportunities. The search technology allows users to search for items from members, designers and stores by (i) keywords, (ii) categories, and (iii) other attributes (such as color, gender, style type, etc.).
  • The first to provide the fashion community with a single place to showcase and interact while being informed and entertained, also provides community members a voice by encouraging them to submit their own materials for inclusion in features such as Member Spotlight and Global Fashions.
  • is the industry innovator and was the first in terms of creating virtual closets that offer members the ability to upload and catalog their personal wardrobes and lifestyle photos, as well as upload and classify videos from their world.’s outfit-building technology allows individual members to create outfits for themselves or others, interact on several chat platforms, get and give fashion advice, and explore the world of fashion and style. Blogging, chatting, message logging and interactive communication help community members make more informed decisions regarding their wardrobes, style and purchasing.


About is an innovative community-driven, fashion-based Web site that offers a unique view into users’ lives and styles. The Web site showcases closets from community members as well as emerging designers and established fashion houses. With global flair and an easy-to-use interface, connects those that are interested in the world of fashion, style and collecting. offers a distinctive community in which our members from all over the globe can be entertained, display their collections, shop, compare, organize their wardrobes and photographs, build outfits and share their videos. The community member can observe and interact with others, as well as obtain expert advice from fashionistas, other community members, and their own private group of friends. There are many facets of but its free wardrobe, photographic and merchandising management technologies are the most reliable, easy, efficient and fun products to use in the marketplace.
Daphne Bondu, 954-822-6638

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