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Portland, OR

Home of Nike, Portland Oregon

tís an understatement to say that everyoneís on the go in Portland, Oregon. The City of Roses, as itís known, is also well known as a hub of youth culture, where zine-making, DIY-anything and understated punk trends surface. You can see this in the street fashion, which is also sprinkled with a good amount of commercial retail chic. Portland has no sales tax, so most of the major national retail chains set up shop here, and people come from afar to buy big and save big, too. spotted lots of outfits sampling 80s fashion, Portland-style, which means urbanites mix 80s with the continued strong influence of grunge (which emerged from the Northwest music scene in the early 90s). Here, young fashionistas blend neon scarves and bright, striped tops with a little plaid and jeans (of course), plus boots and vests for warmth.
Iím a writer, who just happens to draw.
– Matt Groening, creator of The Simpsons
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I've updated My Blog. Check it out!
Hello everyone!

I have created my first website, which will be useful for all students, school pupils, and people in technical professions who deal with plotting function graphs.
On my website,

You can plot any function graph for free, view examples of already plotted graphs, and plot one or multiple graphs on the same image. You can also automatically save the obtained screenshot to your computer or phone.
The service is presented in the form of a builder for different types of function graphs: linear, trigonometric, logarithmic, quadratic, cubic, power, root, fractional, and others.
For example:
linear graph function
graph of linear function
quadratic graphing
tg plot
ctg function
exponential plot
cosine graphing
parabolic graph

I would like to know your opinion on how useful and convenient the graph plotting service I created is. If you like it, please share the link to my service on social media.
If you have any comments or suggestions, please write to me via DM or through the contact form on the website. I will definitely consider and apply your advice in practice.

Wishing you all success in your exams and scientific work!

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