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Stacy London

Concept of Self Gives Stacy London the Upper Edge!

tacy is a triple threat! She has style, serious knowledge and TLC (an American cable TV network owned by Disney Communications) behind her! We are speaking of a woman that created her own independent major while in college... Germanic Literature and Philosophy. What an interesting background for one of the most respected fashion mavens of our time! In fact, 20th century literature is her fancy and her philosopy interests span many centuries. Now how did Stacy end up as a world-renowned Fashionista? For the answer, please read on my faithful community members:

Beginning at age 2, it was evident that fashion, style and creativity was going to be a major part of Stacy's calling...
Stacy’s youth ignited her on a path that was fit for a princess. She had adoring, traditional parents, spirited and fashion-conscious grandparents, a diamond dealing Godfather and, to say the least, a rocking avante garde aunt named ‘Susan Lollipops’!. Needless to say, Stacy had style and confidence at an early age. By the time she was 2 ˝, Stacy was very opinionated and would choose most of her toddler wear. The sassy Stacy’s attire-of-focus was party dresses and the popular Mary Jane shoes. Although her mom, who was a serious career woman, tried to vary Stacy’s style a bit, she decided to ‘allow’ Stacy to express herself and is sure that this was a key element in the developmental stage of Stacy’s strong sense of style and confidence. Kudos to Stacy’s parents!

By the age of 4 and 5, Stacy was immersed in an utterly complete ‘purple’ phase which spanned everything in her life! From only using grape jelly on her peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to her 'everything purple' clothing, Stacy went all out.

Her spirited, larger-than-life aunt Susan Lollipops, must have thoroughly enjoyed this period of Stacy’s life. After all, Lolli was a 70's fashion maven with big hair and make-up galore and, of course, she was Stacy’s fashion muse!!! And who could ask for a more wonderful introduction into the world of creative style and individualism.
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