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Style Icon:Theodora Richards

Rock royalty style princess Theodora Richards rocks the runway

: Style Icon:Theodora Richards

Theodora Richards style is definitely influenced by her background in fashion as a model and by her rocker lifestyle being born to the rock legend, Keith Richards and model mom, Patti Hansen. Her style is edgy, comfortable and rocker chic. Theodora can rock the red carpet, glam it up for a fashion magazine photo shoot and look stunningly comfy in casual wear. For some style inspiration take a look at some of her iconic looks. If you want to add a little rocker-glam to your wardrobe, look to Ms. Richards for wardrobe ideas to add to your closet.



Robe Coats

Stay warm in style with these fabulous robe coats inspired by terrycloth robes.

Robe coats offer a different style to winter wear. If you need to step up your look when braving the cold, try one of these coats. The large wide collars add a sense of sophistication to a normally mundane looking coat. Add a pair of sexy high-heeled boots, a pair of gloves and a scarf and you are ready to strut the streets while staying stylishly warm. If you don't already have one of these coats, check out a few from some major designers. You can also find some designer discount coats in different price points at your local Burlington Coat Factory, Ross, Marshall's or TJMaxx. You can also check out the M.C. StoreFronts for more bargains on winter wear.



The New Blue

Robin's egg blue is the hue of current hot fashion. Made famous by Tiffany & Co. this color is popping up everywhere!

We just love this vibrant hue of blue! It has become the signature color for many the wedding party and of fabulous fashion and accessories. This color is very versatile and can be paired with a myriad of complimentary and contrasting colors. We think this color works on anybody, So if you are looking for a pop of beautiful color, try adding some robin's egg blue to your wardrobe. If you are not sold on wearing an outfit in this wonderful color, try an accessory or two. Maybe a handbag, shoes or a belt would be just the touch of blue you need to liven up some basic, black or white. We hope our finds inspire you to try this color for Spring.
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