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The Golden Globes


The Golden Globes

Review of Strong Voices , United Women of the World

Time's Up!

The red carpet was a sea of black gowns, tuxes and suits but women ruled the night with their loud and proud voices.

The Golden Globes: Time's Up!

Let us review one of the 'member's favorite'' articles of the past nine months.... Golden Globes is the first award show of the year, kicking off awards season and boy oh boy did the ladies of Hollywood bring their A-game. They all came fully prepared to talk about their newly announced anti-harassment, equality and safety in the workplace initiative Time’s Up (which has already raised $20 million for their legal defense fund). A few A-listers even brought female activists as guests, giving them the stage to promote their charities/organizations all of which help and support women from all different backgrounds and industries. Women and men on the red carpet also wore black in support and solidarity for the survivors of sexual abuse.

It was definitely a different kind of red carpet but no less glamourous. Every single women looked amazing from head to toe, wearing silhouettes to suit them and stunning gowns that harkened back to Old School Hollywood glamour.
Taking a page from the ladies on the carpet we are going to highlight the activists and their organizations instead of going into trends of the evening or calling out those who really stood out. Because as we started above, EVERY women looked AMAZING. Enough said. We’ve also made it a point to only showcase the women of the red carpet. Sure, some men looked downright stylish, but in the end the night was about women and their highlighting their voices.

Meryl Streep brought Ai-jen Poo who is the Executive Director of the National Domestic Works Alliance (

Emma Watson brought Marai Larasi, who is the Executive Director of Imkaan, a UK based organization which works to end violence against black, minority ethnic and refugee women and girls ( Emma and Marai have worked together before thanks to Emma’s ambassadorship at the UN.

Michelle Williams brought Tarana Burke who is the founder of the #MeToo movement, along with being Senior Director for Girls for Gender Equity. The organization is committed to the physical, psychological, social and economic development of girls and women (

Laura Dern brought Mónica Ramírez, who is co-founder and President of Alianza Nacional de Campesinas. Created by current and former farmworker women, it is the first national farmworker womens organization in the US. (

Amy Poehler brought Saru Jayaraman who is an advocate for restaurant workers. She is the Director of the UC Berkeley Food and Labor Research Center, along with Co-Founding and Co-Director of the Restaurant Opportunities Centers United/ ROC United ( and

Susan Sarandon brought Rosa Clemente who is a community organizer, politician and hip hop activist whose work is focused on political prisoners, voter engagement and independence for Puerto Rico (

And if you are feeling so inclined visit and donate to the legal defense fund.



Beautiful, Bright and Bold

Flirty Fashions , Timeless Statements!

Flowers Everwhere!

Floral prints are a staple in every wardrobe and lets explore why...

Floral prints, the staple of every spring season and always ‘on trend’. They have even popped up in stores and on runways for the past few fall seasons, making it a year-round print. Fashionistas everywhere love florals. They are fun, flirty, stylish and sometimes downright sexy. Even men have sported a floral printed shirt or jacket here are there.

And how did floral prints become so prominent in fashion? Well, the origin of the print can be traced back to Asia, where flowers hold deep meaning and symbolism. Having such importance to the many cultures throughout the continent, it’s only natural flowers ended up on clothing. Chrysanthemums were featured on kimonos in Japan while Chinese fabrics wove flowers, notably the peony and lotus, into stunning, bright brocades or stitched into embroideries. India’s history of textiles and ornate floral designs like chintz, is what brought florals to Europe.

And now, centuries later, we have options for our floral prints; vintage, bold, moody, romantic and tapestry to name a few. Keep an eye out for 2018’s floral trend, a 60s inspired print with dramatic colors and large buds.



Single but Stylish

One Classy Color , Fashion Inspiration

Chic One Color Looks!

One color you say? How boring... or is it!

The monochromatic trend has been making itself known over the past few seasons. One may assume it is boring to sport just one color but we disagree. As the above ladies will prove, it can be quite chic and stylish to stick to one color.

And hey, that color doesn’t have to be in one shade. Mix it up with a few hues in yellow or pink using older trousers or skirts with a newly purchased on-trend blouse. Or rock a look like Celine Dion and sport an entire outfit in one print. Sure, it’s a lot but if you can pull off the look, you’ll stand out in a crowd for sure
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