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Singer, Songwriter, Fashion Diva

Moniette was born in Miami, Florida and has always dreamed of a recording career. Her love for music began around age 7 where she sang in church and played piano. As a teen, she played violin in her high school orchestra. She has always liked fashion and enjoys choosing new clothes for performances.
Juicy is number one for comfort and style. 
These shoes were the perfect match for that red blouse. 
I love mixing bright colors with just a little animal print. 
Enjoying a day in the sun. 
After moving to Michigan with her family, she had the opportunity to be featured on the quiet storm promo nightly on one of Detroit's #1 radio stations. She was a well-known local singer in Detroit having performed in Chene Park, Hart Plaza and Belle Isle. Moniette has since moved back to her home town, now residing in the beautiful city of Miami Beach, Florida otherwise known as South Beach. Moniette adores the weather and the ability to wear anything she wants any time of the year. No more snow boots and heavy jackets for this native Floridian. Boots are strictly for fashion and not function!
I just love this crazy T-shirt. 
My favorite top right now. 
Check out the pocket on these boots-you don't need to carry a purse when wearing these. 
The view from my apartment always makes me smile! 
Moniette has performed on Showtime at the Apollo and has made appearances on the talk shows, Jenny Jones and Sally Jessie Raphael. When she appeared on television, Moniette wore beautiful, somewhat sexy outfits that showed off her extremely fit abs. She is featured on two CD's, one a compilation of various artists called D-Town Party Jams and the other as lead vocal with a new age gospel group called New Direction which can be heard on Moniette even produced an independent video of one of her singles.

Moniette enjoys singing and arranging her own background vocals. She loves all types of music and her favorites are R & B, Reggae and House. When she is performing, she likes to wear sexy understated outfits. asked Moniette what types of clothing she likes to wear when she's not performing. "I like simple designs that are colorful and unique in some way." She also told us that she considers it a great find when she locates shoes that match her outfit exactly. For example, the red shirt with the leopard belt, matches perfectly with the red trimmed leopard sandals. One of her favorite things to do is to find interesting articles of clothing at bargain prices. What fun!


I love that Juicy Couture track suit I gave you. Now I'm thinking I should have kept it! LOL!
Daphne    7/13/12
Your wardrobe is just fabulous. Must be fun to choose what to wear each day. Also, I LOVE those boots, sexy yet functional... what a find!
elizadolittle12    7/13/12
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