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plurge is a beautifully designed boutique recently acquired by new owner, Jori Weaver. Weaver, originally from Washington State, traveled with her husband, former professional football player, Jed Weaver. As she traveled she enjoyed shopping at small unique shops and boutiques as opposed to large department stores. Being the wife of a ball player, Weaver traveled plenty. And when her husband played for the Miami Dolphins they bought a home in Pembroke Pines and decided to keep the house even when he transferred to another team. While living in Pembroke Pines, Jori frequently shopped at Splurge and loved the clothes so much she wanted to work there. The previous owner never had an opening available.

Weaver was such a frequent shopper that she became friends with the owner, Cheri Villegas and even expressed interests in buying the boutique early on. The timing was never right and the owner refused to sell. Not daunted, Weaver had begun buying furniture and decorative accessories, storing them in her garage much to the amazement of her friends and family. In the meantime, she and her husband became involved in the realestate business. But when the market was on a downward turn, she began to seriously think about what she really wanted to do. Weaver knew that she was really into fashion and always wanted to own her own boutique. She once again approached the owner of Splurge and finally the timing was right! She purchased Splurge on January 2, 2008.
Weaver credits her husband, Jed Weaver, for helping her to realize her dream of owning her own boutique. "He went from being this big football guy to being into fashion. He even knows some designers and brands. I couldn't have done any of this without his support."
I like to buy unique items that are not found in regular department stores.
– Jori Weaver, Owner
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