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International Market Place

International Market Place

he International Market Place, lcoated in Waikiki
Hawaii, gives you a real taste of the islands at a budget price.
It’s located in the heart of Waikiki, near a cluster of high-end boutiques by the world’s top designers.

Walk through the welcome gate, and you’ll begin a winding journey through more than 130 carts, shops and artisan stands, all with a distinctive island theme. You’ll find souvenirs ranging from fresh flower leis and hairpins…to organic loofah soaps made with mangos…and top surf gear from big brands like T&C and Quicksilver.

Hawaiian artists sell jewelry, crafted from island treasures such as kukui nuts. You can also pick the perfect pearl, straight out of the oyster, and come away with your own Hawaiian creation. Of course, everything you’d ever need for a trip to the beach is right here: bikinis, board shorts, tanks, cover ups, every kind of flip flop, sunglasses, and of course, the famous Maui Babe Browning Lotion (which supposedly accelerates your tan).
Some will say this is one big tourist trap, but you will find deals and many items that are truly Hawaiian. Look carefully, be a smart buyer and have fun.
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