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Caroline is a Traveling Web Entrepreneur & Bargain Hunter

Q&A with Caroline

Caroline started a Web site called to promote traveling with a purpose and to highlight the stories and truths about travel. It's main purpose is to educate others about the world and people we share it with, while inspiring others to venture out of their own comfort zones and explore.

To do this Earthwalkers is a hybrid of feature stories written by experienced writers and first person stories by local bloggers and users. It's not a review site, but a gathering placee for alternative travelers who don't do the resort thing, to share their stories and insights and showcase their writing and photography.
What is your dream occupation?
Travel editor and humanitarian
What is your favorite activity or hobby?
Eating good food.
What makes your hometown special?
Seattle: Chirping crickets and a sky full of glowing stars.
I have a ton of jewelry in this case. 
The Asian scarf collection. 
One of my favorites: a little yellow dress you can wear everywhere. 
I like to wear these hairpins in the summer. 
What would be your dream vacation?
An on the fly trip around the world, just wingin' it the whole way
What is your favorite or best feature in or of your closet?
Shelves, baskets and walls. It keeps everything organized.
What is your favorite outfit in your closet?
A yellow, cotton halter dress. I got it on University Ave. in Seattle. I think it was $20. It's by a brand called "Fire in Los Angeles", an import from an Inday designer in L.A.
What is your craziest thing/outfit in your closet?
Fun Valentines gifts. Let's skip the details on this one =)
A good pair of flip-flops can go a long way. 
I got a ton of wrap skirts for $5 in Asia. I wear skirts more than jeans. So I love them! 
I got this dress for a party for $30. 
My dog, Mousse. 
If you were given the opportunity to have a famous designer revamp your entire wardrobe, who would you choose?
I'm not really aware of designers or labels. But I'm a big fan of Kenneth Cole, because everything is fitted and looks good on my body.
Who are your favorite artists (painters, writers, musicians etc.)?
Musicians who write their own music.
What is your favorite classic movie?
The Sound of Music, just because my mom made me watch it a lot when I was young.
What is your favorite magazine?
The Economist
What is your greatest accomplishment and why?
I haven't gotten there yet.
Finish this statement:_________always makes me smile
My dog Mousse always makes me smile.


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