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Boca Raton, FL

n 2001 Alessandra decided to come to the United States even though she did not speak one word of English. The first item on her agenda was to learn English and from there she began working for a curtain manufacturing company. She then moved to Tampa, Florida and became a supervisor for a cleaning company. She worked for another 4 years before she decided to return to her roots and pursue her true passion which was working in the fashion industry in some capacity.

Alessandra began working as a visual designer. Her duties included working on catalogs, styling for fashion shows, window displays and parties. She later became a part of Palm Beach Fashion Connection in which she was responsible for all visual aspects of the show. She also founded "Liga das Mulheres" a women's league which is a charitable organization created to raise money to help those in need.

Most recently, Alessandra started a new business called "On the Budget Creations". Her clientele are people who want to realize big dreams and can't afford to pay a lot of money. She is well-known for bringing to life people's dreams of the perfect wedding, party, fashion shows and window displays within a budget they can afford. The possibilities are endless and she has created magic with a budget as low as $1000. The highest budget she was hired to work with was $12,000. But no matter what the budget, Alessandra delivers an elegant, tasteful and beautiful product each and every time.
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Ciao a tutti vengo dall'italia / itawero
Ciao a tutti vengo dall'italia / itawero
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