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Kim Kardashian


Kim Kardashian

Exotic Land , Global

Style Icon: Kim Kardashian

The most known of the exotically beautiful Kardashian clan, Kim is stylish and always a show-stopper!

Kim Kardashian: Style Icon: Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian has definitely won the award for becoming famous for no apparent reason. At first it was Paris Hilton, but ever since Kim K. arrived on the scene, Paris is all but forgotten. This diva's exotic good looks and penchant for seemingly the wrong men, has left her in the spotlight. She has since made a name for herself and she has made her family's name super famous. She and her sisters share a clothing store, Dash, cleverly named using part of the now famous KarDASHian name. Kim's style has definitely evolved over time as she as seemed to be more comfortable in her uber fame. We love her style and daring looks. She is not afraid of baring some skin or wearing skin-tight clothing, especially if it shows off her rear end, of which she has become famous for. Here we have captured some of her looks on and off the red carpet. Love her or hate her, this diva has style!




Looking Fierce , World Wide

The Booty Brigade

Much has been made of celebrities' booties. Real or fake? Is it too big or too small? Either way, booty is in style!

The J-Lo, the Beyonce' and the Kim K booty are all the bloggers and tweeters are talking about these days. Some recent celebrities such as Nikki Minaj have even bought their ample booties to keep up with the masters listed above. If you are not born well endowed in the buttocks and you want to get that ba-donk-a-donk booty you can always get implants or a Brazilian butt-lift. We decided to show some shots of the greatest booties of all time at their fashion best!



Back at YOU!

Style Strong , All the Time!


While you are busy showing off that big butt, why not also show off a great back with some sexy backless outfits.

There is nothing sexier than showing skin. We love highlighting sexy fashions and backless fashions are at the top of the list. Backless is almost as popular as the little black dress. Celebrities have donned this look for decades on the red carpet. It is definitely a look that is attention-getting and a show stopper. We hope these sexy backless looks inspire you for your next night out on the town.
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