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Cindy Greene

Cindy Greene : Simply Amazing!

Cindy Greene has taken the fashion world by storm. Libertine, the label she and Johnson Hartig started after the millennium is a mixture of Victoriana, goth and punk. Sold in a number of stores internationally, the Libertine brand has a celebrity and cult like following with influential fans, including Karl Lagerfeld, Gwyneth Paltro, Mick Jagger, and Liv Tyler.
Cindy had an obsession with thrift shops and shopping. This is what lead her to become super creative and start the label Libertine with Hartig. More than six years ago, Cindy sent Harig a t-shirt with a gorilla silkscreened on it, he re-cut it and wore it to a party. Shortly after, the line Libertine was born and was sold in a variety of exclusive stores.

Having the Libertine for Target collection being such a success is a great source of pride for Cindy. Her personal style is refreshing and she has an authenic look that stands out in a crowd. As Cindy rummages through her personal bedroom closet she states "I got rid of six garbage bags". Cindy tells me, now in her thirties, “I’ve got a grown up closet now.”

Cindy Greene’s everyday wardrobe includes VPL dresses by stylist Victoria Bartlett, vintage overalls that she works with cork heels for a Seventies vibe, Caela moccasins (worn with pajamas), and a Commes Des Garcons crimson velvet bag in the shape of a rose.
Half casual dresses; a quarter cocktail; and a quarter blouses.
– Cindy Greene
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