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10/7/10 16:07:08

What your clothing are really saying about you

For years and years, I wore what I now understand to be out dated hand me downs. I always planned to lose weight and when I did I would by the dream wardrobe. Hasn't happened yet! I know there are so many women like I was. I watch on the bus and in the streets, more then there should be. Being a plus size doesn't mean you shouldn't enjoy fashion and style, it just means you have to be smart about it. There's so many choices for fashion out there for plus women these days. You here it over and over beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Its true. Welcome.

Since taking a lot more time to dress in the morning I have gained a ton more self-esteem, and confidence. I no longer feel eyes over me as I enter a room. And people are generally more willing to talk to me. People judge you withing seconds of meeting you. So what are you clothing saying about you? These are the 10 things people judge you on within second of meeting, and it can take a long time to change these first impressions.

*Economic level
*Level of sophistication
*Economic heritage
*Education level
*Education heritage
*Social position
*Level of success
*Social heritage
*Moral character

All this based on the way you look? Crazy. I never know.


I have a few new additions to my wardrobe - a pair of ugg slippers - for the cold winter nights and a brown suede jacket
–Zamipoo    12/11/10
Thank you. That is a great idea to sell the clothes on ebay. I normally just donate to goodwill since that's where most of them come from in the first place!
Daphne   11/24/10
Back! After the move things got nuts! I am back and ready to get my closet organized - I sold all the stuff that didn't fit right on eBay.
Zamipoo   11/23/10
Back! After the move things got nuts! I am back and ready to get my closet organized - I sold all the stuff that didn't fit right on eBay.
Zamipoo   11/23/10
I really like what you wrote. I bet you inspire all of your friends. More power to you!!! Take care,
Melonee   11/3/10
All my shoes and jewelry are packed and ready for the move on the 25th. even some of my jackets and blazers are packed.
Zamipoo   10/16/10
I like your blog. I've seen people who are a size zero who don't have a clue about fashion, so it really doesn't matter about size.
Moniette   10/12/10
Wow. I didn't know there were so many judgments based on the first few seconds of meeting someone. I guess fashion is more important than anyone has ever thought.
paulina   10/11/10
Hi Zamipoo. I know what you mean. I've been struggling with my weight as well. And I found that I can buy clothes that look great regardless of my size. So I don't pay so much attention to the size of the clothes, but how it fits and looks on me.
Cathy   10/11/10
So true. I loved your blog today. And I agree. Size has nothing to do with fashion. You can be fashionable at any weight, shape or size!
Daphne   10/7/10
Your have a great scarf collection. I am in love with scarves and could wear one everyday!
elizadolittle12   10/6/10
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