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Krystal Ariel

Singer With A Message

I was born in Miami and raised in both the Miami and Coral Springs area. I've been singing ever since I can remember, but it became a professional pursuit when I was ironically discovered by a teacher in 2nd grade who recommended me for dance program at a South Miami magnet school. I ended up not getting into the dance program, but I was accepted into the music program instead; I was 9 years old at the time. There was were I learned how to use my voice, how to project, make a musical sound. I played the violin, viola, cello, steel drums. You name it, I've played it. I was so intrigued by all the different musical sounds these instruments could make.
A gorgeous teal spaghetti strap top. 
Relaxing at home in super casual clothes. 
I just love the bright colors and patterns in this dress. 
I'm wild about skirts. This little denim number is cute and sexy. 
Many have asked me who I take after vocally in my family. But I really have no idea where I got my voice because no one in my family sings; although they are musical people. I had a lot of bad first time performances at church, and school, and needless to say my stage presence was a fearful one. But I got over it slowly and was able to sing in front of audiences in Carnegie Hall, Disney and I was even able to tour Austria with the Miami Choral Society, of which I was a part.
I sing all types of music although my first vocal training was in classical/operatic style. But I grew into all sorts of styles including barbershop, jazz, pop and just about anything I can get my voice on. I really get inspired by techno/dance/trance music. It's like it touches my soul on another level; I'd like to think it's my gateway with God. There are certain sounds and chords in the music that tickle your ear in a certain way to create that high level euphoria.
I love to sing all types of music. 
Sometimes I just don't know what to wear! 
I'm really into shoes. They are the favorites in my closet. 
My everyday clothes are so different from my "on-stage" style. 
Just like everyone else, even entertainers must be concerned with fashion. It's what everyone's always talking about, and God forbid you're caught dead in a dreadful wardrobe malfunction! And I really do admire Jennifer Lopez's style. The woman definitely has got the money to master it. And like her, I try to separate the regular, laid back Krystal fashion with the superstar-esque, up on stage performer, Krystal. On a regular day, my style is preppy, very chic, with a cutesy/classy/sexy look and easy on the make up. I'm a jeans girl, though dresses have recently caught my eye. While I'm performing, I like to step it up a bit. I LOOOVE COSTUMES and dressing up. Jewels! Insane over the top hair with things I wouldn't normally walk out of the house wearing, on a regular day. I definitely get heavy on the make up on stage, especially the eyes. All the glitz and glamour comes into play when I'm performing and I can pretend to be that Primadonna diva that every little girl dreams of!


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