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Claudia from Argentina

I have been drinking mate since I was a kid and most Argentinian’s drink this wonderful and flavorful drink.

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Love this!
Melonee     7/30/18
Try a Mate and Pass it on!
Mate, the national drink of Argentina is also the name of the actual container that houses the yerba mate.

Mate is an infusion of a variety of things, including yerba (which is an herb), and sometimes sugar-I use sugar in my mate. Everyone prepares their mate in a different way but it is traditional to use hot water and not boiling water. It is a very social drink and it dates back for generations.

I have been drinking mate since I was a kid and most Argentinian’s drink this wonderful and flavorful drink. It is a rare occasion that an Argentinian does not drink mate. As a matter of fact the first thing that I want after a long day of work when I arrive home is to share a mate with my husband.

Now you have beautiful mate cups that are passed down through generations and you have hand-made mates that are still crafted today. Mates are made from gourds, silver, alpaca, cow parts, (skin, horns and feet), wood, ceramic, a variety of metals, bamboo and almost everything that can hold liquid. Argentinians are very resourceful and we are extremely creative as you can see by my photographs above. I just love my beautiful collection and I use almost all of them!

The mate cup consist of a straw called a ‘bombiya’ which is usually silver. The ‘bombiya’ has small holes at the bottom that act as a sieeve to filter the mate. You first place the ‘yerba mate’ into the mate and then fill the mate cup with hot water (remember, never boiling water) to the rim. You may add sugar if you wish-I do and just a pinch. Add your ‘bombiya’ and drink away. Pass clockwise to the next friend or family member for them to also enjoy the mate. Remember, it is a very social drink and it is really boring to drink by yourself. Enjoy my collection and try a mate.
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