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NARS Multi-Purpose Stick in Orgasm


Places for your Orgasm

1)  Cheeks
2) Eyes
3) Lips
4) Chest & Stomach
5) Arms & Legs

hen the prestigious French cosmetic company NARS debuted the newest edition to their lineup of multi-purpose sticks, people took notice, so did, and not just because of the name. Celebrities, make-up artists, and beauty editors alike are clamoring about the now legendary Orgasm. An instant best seller and cult favorite, the peachy-pink, creamy, shimmery color looks great on all skin shades creating a fabulous sun-kissed radiance.

Celebrity fans like Sara Jessica Parker, Marcia Cross, Jennifer Lopez, Gywneth Paltrow, Jennifer Ansiton, Denise Richards, and Brittany Murphy love the sharp, sexy color that stays in place with no mess and no fuss. This easy to apply stick goes from cream to powder with no brushes necessary, and the unique and durable packaging means that you can take your Orgasm wherever you go!

What is your favorite NARS product?

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You know that we love Orgasm...what is your favorite NARS product?

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