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How do I create a new category? Even in My World, which is supposed to be totally customizable, I cannot create a new category. Please advise. Thank you.
Hello Morgan and we apologize for the delay. In the My World section of My, please upload your photograph and then place the 'name' and 'description', you then scroll down to the 'other (custom)' category and check the box (in the My World category section). Place your new category into the blank space (My ________). Now push the 'update' tab and return to your home page. Your new My World category should be visible on the left side. For the My Look Book section: After uploading your photograph and writing the 'name' and 'description', you create your new 'Look Book' by scrolling down to the 'Category' section and select 'other'. You then select from the 'Look Book' section 'other'. When the list shows up, please select 'other (custom)'. You then type in your new catergory in the blank space...My _________ Book. After you fill out the 'keywords' you then push 'update'. Go back to your homepage and look for the new 'Look Book'. I sincerely hope that this helps and that you are enjoying Please feel free to ask more and we do apologize for the extremely long delay-tech problems on our end. Thank you again.
How do I order things on this site?
Hi Lorraine0113, to order from the MC Storefronts, select the item you want to purchase by clicking on the $ dollar sign beneath the photo. To purchase from an individual Designer, contact them via their contact information. Thank you for you question!
How can I change my username?
Hello Planet Most Wanted. Please submit your request to and we will handle this for you.

Thank you and please continue to enjoy!!
Your site appears a little rough around the edges but has great potential. Is there a place to propose improvements or apply for job opportunities?
Hello Hender, We are in discussions around the Website. We are interested in your ideas and we would also like to know what are your skill sets. Please contact at
How do I order a waist cincher
Hi Xoochil, you can actually order a fantastic waist cincher in our M.C. Storefronts. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click on M.C. Storefronts. Then simply enter "waist cincher" in the search box and select from the many available. Once you find the one you like click on the $ symbol to purchase. Thank you for your question!
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I've updated My World Check it out!
I've updated My World Check it out!
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